RHONY: Bethenny Frankel claims she saved Sonja Morgan from being fired in Season 10

Former RHONY star Bethenny Frankel.
Bethenny Frankel opened up with claims she saved her former RHONY co-star Sonja Morgan from being fired in Season 10. Pic credit: © Rivera/Acepixs

Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel says she’s the reason her former co-star Sonja Morgan was able to keep her job back in Season 10.

Bethenny is easily one of the most outspoken personalities to come out of the RHONY franchise. During her time on the show, Bethenny was known for being confrontational and not shying away from conflicts with her co-stars.

After eight seasons with the hit Bravo franchise, Bethenny ended up making her exit in 2019.

At the time, she admitted she wasn’t sure if she was ready to walk away but eventually discovered she was only staying “for the money.” And given the success of her business ventures, Bethenny knew her time on the show had come to an end.

However, just because she’s stepped away from the franchise doesn’t mean she’s ready to stop sharing her experiences and opinions on the show.

In fact, Bethenny recently launched her ReWives podcast and delved into some behind-the-scenes secrets about the show and her co-stars — including Sonja Morgan.

Bethenny Frankel says she’s the reason Sonja Morgan kept her slot on RHONY Season 10

During the debut episode of her ReWives podcast, Bethenny opened up about learning Sonja was set to be let go from the franchise in Season 10.

“Years later, one of the producers, I will not say who, in the car said, ‘I think we have to let Sonja go,'” Bethenny shared while noting her castmate was a “disaster” during that season.

According to Bethenny, Sonja was simply too focused on the problems with her failed businesses and townhouse issues.

The 52-year-old continued to credit herself with essentially bringing Sonja back to life by “lighting a match” about Sonja’s living situation with newcomer Tinsley Mortimer.

Bethenny recalls a scene the cast filmed in a restaurant where she brought up the tension brewing between the two friends.

At the time, Sonja had opened her home to Tinsley after a dramatic arrest and recent divorce. However, Sonja struggled to watch Tinsley receive attention from male suitors and pick herself back up after her personal struggles.

Tinsley started out living in Sonja’s townhouse and was basically a nobody who had been arrested,” Bethenny continued. “By up to that point, she had this rich guy sending flowers, and Sonja’s poor and bankrupt. I said something to stir that up, and it lit up Sonja, and she launched, and she did not get let go.”

Bethenny claims she has ‘receipts’ to prove she was the reason Sonja managed to recover in the RHONY franchise

If there was any doubt that she played a part in Sonja keeping her full-time, apple holder status on RHONY, Bethenny immediately challenged the notion and declared it was an “absolute fact” and claimed she has “the receipts.”

When Bethenny’s podcast guest Elisabeth Moss asked if her other RHONY co-stars were aware of the situation, Bethenny admitted they “wouldn’t have cared.”

Despite whether or not her RHONY castmates would have believed her, Bethenny did give Sonja some credit saying, “She would totally believe me. She trusts me.”

And if that still wasn’t enough, Bethenny concluded by sharing that RHONY producers would back her up “a thousand percent.”

Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus.

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