RHONJ viewers troll Luis Ruelas on social media: Here’s what people are saying about Teresa Giudice’s beau

RHONJ stars Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice
People have alot to say about Teresa Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas. Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

Luis Ruelas is being trolled on social media by The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans, and after the past few episodes, they’re not letting up.

A lot is being said about Teresa’s beau, and if we’re being honest, it’s hardly anything good. Luis is getting a quick lesson about the fine art of being on reality TV, with everyone giving their opinions about his life.

Initially, people were happy that Teresa had found someone to keep her calm as the seemingly cool-headed businessman was all about peace and love.

Things have taken a complete 180 as Luis is no longer holding back, although he tried to hide this side of his personality for quite some time.

However, a hot mic moment aired a few weeks ago when Luis thought he wasn’t on camera has caused viewers to dub him a villain.

That was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what people are now saying about the New Jersey businessman. And it’s hard for him to ignore the critics because they’ve now taken their opinion to the comment section of his posts.

Here’s what RHONJ viewers are saying about Luis Ruelas

Viewers are coming in hot on Luis’ trail, especially after his admission in the last episode about hiring a detective to investigate the cast, plus his angry tirade at the finale didn’t help his case either.

“Louie, your hate in the last episode was not a good look…especially talking to a woman like that. I was SHOCKED. And then going on watch what happens live and lying. Like do you think we are stupid???” wrote one viewer.

“This guys is so transparent it’s actually disturbing. He knows Teresa is not very bright and he uses words to confuse her. It’s diabolical,” said someone else.

Another viewer called out Luis for saying he lied about hiring detective Bo Dietl, writing, “So you flat out lied twice and admitted to it. Why should we not believe that’s what you do???”

RHONJ viewers bash Luis Ruelas
Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

One person said, “This guy need blood pressure medication. He looks like he’s going to explode in most of the episodes. Totally unstable. Creepy to watch.”

RHONJ viewers bash Luis Ruelas
Pic credit: @louiearuelas/Instagram

Luis Ruelas shares wedding photos as the big event approaches

Those comments, by the way, were posted on Luis’ Instagram page after he shared photos from his wedding to Teresa as a birthday tribute.

“Happy Birthday my LOVE ❤️ You are truly one of a kind and the most incredible woman on the planet,” he wrote. “You continue to shine brighter each and every day, you life everyone around you everyday!! Your strength, courage, and determination inspires us all.”

The post included images of the couple clad in their wedding day attire and snaps of Teresa with her four girls who were bridesmaids at the extravagant event, which was filmed for TV.

Last week, Season 13 of RHONJ wrapped, but Teresa and Luis’ wedding special is set to air tonight and will officially close out the season.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Luis Ruelas? Is he a villain or just misunderstood? Sound off below.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa’s Wedding Special airs Tuesday, May 23 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Teresa ,You have always looked and acted like a really stupid person,but you really did a great thing now YOU MARRIED ANOTHER CRAZY NUT JOB.Please,get off the show with your bug-eyed fool.

Julia Caesar
Julia Caesar
1 year ago

He looks like The Joker from Batman.

1 year ago

he is ugly…he looks like the Joker with that mouth