RHONJ: Viewers bash Teresa Giudice for her behavior toward Margaret Josephs in latest episode

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice is feeling the heat on Twitter from last night’s episode. Pic credit: Bravo

Teresa Giudice went ballistic on Margaret Josephs on Tuesday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Twitter has feelings about the interaction.

The drama went down in the Nashville Underground, where the cast was vacationing. The tension had been brewing all season long between Teresa and Margaret ever since Margaret told Teresa that she and her boyfriend Luis Ruelas needed to address the contents of Luis’s bizarre beach video in the season’s first episode.

Teresa does not like her man being the subject of chatter. Things became heated after a round of shots in Nashville when Margaret referred to Teresa as a liar, Teresa promptly slid the plates, glasses, and silverware on the table in Margaret’s direction with her forearm, drenching her.

Twitter reacts to Teresa’s violent outburst

Teresa is known for explosive outbursts on camera, and Housewives fans have had enough.

Season 10 Teresa said, “If you rub me the wrong way, there will be no more namaste,” and fans were quick to remember the play on words.

Some Twitter users spoke directly to fans of Teresa, called the Tre Huggers.

RHONJ tweet
Pic credit: @EssaSandra/Twitter

Some fans voiced their opinion that Teresa needs to be removed from the show.

TweetsbyBravo said it’s time for Tre to take accountability.
RHONJ tweet 1
Pic credit: @McGannJack/Twitter

However, some viewers love that Marge is one of the few Housewives that isn’t scared of Teresa.

And finally, user @carlita88 says if you don’t want heat on you, stay off of reality TV.

What made Teresa blow up on Marge?

During the last couples’ trip to the Music City, Melissa Gorga recommended they go into a studio and record a song as a group. Once Teresa realized Margaret would also be there, she said she was not going to join the rest of the ladies.

Teresa then went on to accuse Margaret of spreading rumors about Luis, because Margaret knows a lot of people who work for entertainment blogs. Margaret denies any claims that she is saying anything about Teresa and Luis or contacting people from Luis’s past like the exes that have accused him of abuse. Marge later says in confessional that she had defended Teresa for years, and doesn’t know why now Teresa is making up stories about her.

Once Margaret calls Teresa a liar, everything blows up, including Teresa’s infamous temper. Marge reminds Teresa that she should feel lucky that Tre is off parole, and Tre calls Marge disgusting and white trash.

Margaret has the final word, saying that happy people should be able to hold their composure, and Teresa simply can’t.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.