RHONJ newbie Traci Johnson talks about facing off with the ‘Teresa tornado’

RHONJ newbie Traci Johnson likens castmate Teresa Giudice to a tornado.
Traci Johnson talks faceoff with Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: Bravo

Traci Johnson is new to the group, but she’s already had an unfortunate run-in with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. The outspoken newbie initially rubbed her castmate the wrong way when she chided Teresa for not defending Melissa and Joe Gorga against Jennifer Aydin.

However, Traci experienced the “Teresa Tornado” in the latest episode during a confrontation with the mom-of-four. Teresa has been on the warpath with her castmates for questioning her fiance Luis Ruelas amid troubling rumors about his past.

During a night out with the men, Traci’s husband, Tiki Barber, had some questions for Luis, and once the news got back to Teresa, she lashed out at Traci. Interestingly, Traci held her own during the faceoff, and during a recent interview, she opened up about her tense relationship with the OG.

Traci Johnson talks about dealing with the ‘Teresa tornado’

Traci has been getting along well with her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates, except for Teresa, who confronted her in the last episode.

During a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Traci compared her interactions with Teresa to being caught in a tornado.

“It’s like a Teresa tornado blows in; you never know— just as in a tornado– what kind of weather you’re going to really get,” explained Traci. “She can definitely shock you with things she says.”

Traci noted that she’s still scratching her head about some of the things that Teresa has said to her, some of which left her questioning, “did she really just say that to me?”

However, the newbie is taking it all in stride and notes, “You just have to be ready for all of it and realize her bark is a lot worse than her bite most of the time.”

“She can come off as very loud, but it’s usually not that harmful,” she added.

Traci Johnson talks recent faceoff with Teresa Giudice

Teresa did, in fact, come in like a tornado during an outdoor event with the women.

She initially set her sights on Margaret Josephs for continuing to ask questions about Luis Ruelas. However, after their heated argument, Teresa turned her anger toward Traci and slammed her for Tiki’s actions during the guys’ night out.

However, Traci doesn’t think that Teresa’s actions made much sense.

“I’m still in complete disagreement with Teresa,” she noted. “You cannot be mad at me for something my husband said. I am not Tiki’s keeper. I never tell him what to do — nor would he tell me what to do.”

Traci explained that Tiki most likely heard her talking about the Luis rumors with the other women and decided on his own to question Luis about them.

“The fact that she’s annoyed at me for something my husband did is ridiculous but pretty typical of Teresa,” added Traci.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Somebody should kick her ass already so tired over the year and I’ve been seeing housewife of New Jersey since it started she’s been a bully Now is when they notice please open your eye viewer and Andy that’s what you promote for the ratings wow shaming womens Teresa needs somebody to teach her how to really be a bully

2 years ago

Who cares about Traci. She is a bonifide homewrecker….a side piece that ruined a family. She better watch Tiki because if he cheated on his first wife, he will do it to her too..someone more white and pretty.

2 years ago

You can’t reason with crazy!