RHONJ: Melissa and Joe Gorga admit to ‘rough situation’ with Teresa Giudice after wedding snub

Melissa and Joe Gorga open up about missing the wedding of their sister, Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: @melissagorga/Instagram
Melissa and Joe Gorga open up about missing the wedding of their sister, Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: @melissagorga/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey it-couple Melissa and Joe Gorga made headlines for weeks after ditching the wedding of Joe’s only sister and Melissa’s sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice,

The Gorga and Giudice families have feuded for years, and things came to a head just days before Teresa’s wedding to Luis Ruelas, during the last week of filming on Season 13.

Melissa, Joe, and Teresa have all remained tight-lipped on the details, but have made a few statements in regards to how they are feeling since the family clash.

The couple were on the red carpet at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, and they were asked about missing the Bravo wedding of the year, which was filmed for a multi-episode special.

While Joe looked visibly upset, Melissa stepped in to speak for them. “I mean that’s a long story,” she told ET’s Rachel Smith, adding: “It’s a rough situation, it really is, and you know what, I think everyone will see — obviously because a lot of was filmed for The Real Housewives.”

Melissa admitted, “It’s hard to discuss right now, so we can’t really discuss it, but we wish [Teresa and Luis] the best, and we’re very happy.”

RHONJ: Joe Gorga said things have been ‘really hard’

Joe was uncharacteristically quiet Sunday evening, simply revealing that the situation with his big sister is complicated. “It’s very difficult for me to talk about,” Joe said. “It’s hard really, really hard.”

Joe previously said that the decision not to attend his sister’s wedding was a hard one. “We lost our parents, and, to me, it was devastating. It really was. It was one of the hardest days of my life,” Joe said. “It was bad.”

Joe and Melissa were likely unable to escape all of the media coverage of the wedding, and did manage to see some photos of the festivities. “She looked beautiful,” Melissa confessed. “And it was a beautiful wedding.”

The Gorgas claim Teresa never wanted them at the wedding

During an episode of Melissa’s podcast, On Display, Joe was candid about their attendance at the wedding. “She didn’t want you in the wedding. She didn’t want any of my children in the wedding. She barely wanted me,” Joe said, and revealed that he was never asked to walk his sister down the aisle, as was rumored.

He said sadly, “She hates us. She really didn’t want us there.”

Melissa speculated that this goes back to when she and Joe were first invited to be asked to star on RHONJ. “What you can be upset with is that we actually accepted… the invitation, that we accepted the proposal,” Melissa revealed, speaking about the audition for the show.

She continued, “Yes, we did. Did we do that? 100 percent. Did she, deep down, not want us to do that? I’m sure. I’m sure that’s what’s irked her, but guess what? I can take an opportunity just like anyone else.”

Teresa commented on their absence, saying she was “totally fine with it.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on hiatus.

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