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RHONJ: Margaret Josephs says it’s upsetting to rewatch Teresa Giudice, threatening and body-shaming her on TV

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs says it wasn't easy rewatching Teresa Giudice's treatment of her.
Margaret Josephs chides Teresa Giudice for her body-shaming comments. Pic credit: Bravo.

Margaret Josephs is still reeling from her many altercations with Teresa Giudice this season, some of which resulted in the OG threatening her and later throwing drinks at her.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star admitted that it’s upsetting to relive those moments on TV.

Margaret also slammed her castmate for her body-shaming comments towards her and noted that those things are never acceptable.

Margaret Josephs says Teresa Giudice’s behavior towards her was upsetting to watch

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently opened up about the tumultuous season and noted that it’s been difficult to rewatch.

Teresa received backlash from viewers for comments she has made about Margaret’s body a few weeks ago and again in the latest episode. However, Margaret noted that even more upsetting is the threatening comments toward her even after Teresa threw drinks at her during their dinner in Nashville.

“I actually feel worse than when I lived it because I didn’t know what she was saying off-camera [or] what she was saying downstairs,” said Margaret during an interview with Us Weekly.

The 55-year-old continued, “To hear her say that she’s coming to beat me up— I mean, she’s pushing 50, saying she’s gonna come beat me up? You know, that’s upsetting, obviously, it’s more upsetting to watch it back.”

Margaret Josephs says body-shaming comments are ‘never unacceptable’

Margaret then chided her Real Housewives of New Jersey costar for her behavior after their altercation at the Nashville dinner. Teresa issued an apology to the group, but Margaret isn’t buying it, especially since she then proceeded to body shame her again.

“You give a lame apology, then you insult me and body-shame me,” noted Margaret. “It’s so rude and degrading and you know, and you think it’s funny, it’s not cute. It’s never cute. I was pissed [and] agitated.”

The Jersey Housewife noted that while she can handle the body-shaming comments that were hurled at her, that rhetoric is never acceptable.

“Thank God I’m tough [and] strong, but if it was anybody else and any young woman, you know, that could really cut somebody,” explained Margaret, who noted that it was especially problematic since this season the topic of eating disorders was a major storyline.

Jackie Goldschneider, who has been battling anorexia for almost two decades, opened up more than ever before this season about her issues with food. Cameras followed the mom-of-four as she sought help for her eating disorder and viewers applauded Jackie for being so honest.

Margaret added, “On a season when we’re talking about eating disorders, which [Teresa] didn’t really know about … I don’t know where your head is that you think that’s acceptable.”

“It’s never acceptable to body-shame anybody. We’re in an era of body positivity,” she added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  1. Teresa needs to make an apology to Margaret and to the cast but she is so in love with herself she is a bully an uneducated one at that, a 50-year-old woman behaving in such a manner it’s ugly to watch seriously she needs to leave the show she’s pathetic she really is the pathetic one she has four grown daughters and she behaves in such an adolescent bully disgusting behavior and it really makes her ugly looking.

    • Teresa is a bully and a hypocrite. That being said, perhaps you shouldn’t slam people for being uneducated when your own post offers little, if any, basic punctuation. Just sayin’.

  2. Margaret should mine her business…she continues to upset Teresa commenting on her fiancé …..stop instigating & making these uncomfortable dramas ..

  3. All of these Housewives shows are ridiculous. I haven’t watched any of them since October 2012. They all act like they have such glamorous lives and their lives are a MESS! Living in mansions, then bankruptcy and prison, pfffft, smh. I’m pretty sure that all of you who watch these shows have better lives and more going on than any of these women.


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