RHONJ: Luis Ruelas talks ‘opening up’ to Joe Gorga amid ongoing feud with Teresa Giudice

Luis Ruelas and Joe Gorga.
In a new Season 13 trailer, Louie Ruelas (left) threatens to “f**king punch” Joe Gorga (right). Pic credit: Bravo

New Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Luis Ruelas may find himself caught in the middle of some serious family drama between his wife and her brother, but that hasn’t stopped him from speaking highly of Joe Gorga.

Luis, who wed Joe’s sister, RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice, in a lavish ceremony back in August, has consistently taken his bride’s side when it comes to the hurt feelings that continue to bounce back and forth between her and her brother.

Longtime RHONJ fans aren’t surprised by the latest tension to arise between Joe and Teresa considering how contentious their relationship has been over the years.

Teresa has continued to mention that Joe doesn’t have his family’s back and places much of the blame on Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga.

With all the ongoing tension between them, it stands to reason that there would also be bad blood between Joe and Teresa’s new husband.

However, according to Luis, he doesn’t believe Joe is a bad person after all.

RHONJ husband Luis Ruelas weighs in with his opinions on brother-in-law Joe Gorga

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Teresa’s Namaste B$tches podcast, Luis recalled his first time meeting Joe and the lasting impact it had had on him.

“I met Joe through coincidence with Teresa and it was very humbling and settling,” Luis gushed in the preview provided on Page Six.

He continued to explain that “within the first 10 minutes” of meeting Joe, the two men found themselves being incredibly vulnerable with one another.

According to Luis, they discussed everything from his “work as a man” to “working through s**t.”

“You just, like, open up to him,” Luis added. “Joe’s the kind of guy you can do that to, or with.”

Luis recalls meeting Joe Gorga at his beach house

Luis continued to share his thoughts about Joe and recalled the setting for their first meeting — Joe’s beach house.

Luis shared that he joined Teresa for a day down at their gorgeous home and added that the day was “beautiful.”

“There was no complaints at all,” he noted.

It was at this point that Luis pointed out his true feelings for Joe and hinted that there might be room for reconciliation between him and Teresa.

“Joe at the core, really, your brother, honestly, at the core…your brother really is…a good human being,” he stated.

Teresa couldn’t help but agree and added that at the beginning “everything was good.”

Following a massive blowup, while filming for the upcoming season, Joe and Teresa have remained at odds.

Time will tell if they’ll be able to mend their relationship.

Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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