RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider says Teresa Giudice ‘uses Jennifer as her puppet’

RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider says Teresa Giudice uses Jackie Goldschneider as her
Jackie Goldschneider calls Jennifer Aydin a puppet. Pic credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider made some strides in their relationship last season, but it seems they’ve taken one step forward and two steps back. Jackie fully believes that Teresa has been using Jennifer Aydin as her puppet amid new revelations regarding the rumor about her husband Evan Goldschneider.

While the women were well past that, the topic has resurfaced once again. It has since come to light that even after the three women made up last season Jennifer was still digging for information about Jackie’s husband.

However, Jackie doesn’t believe that her castmate did it on her own, she thinks Teresa was in on it right along with her.

Jackie Goldschneider says Jennifer Aydin is Teresa Giudice’s puppet

The women recently had a lot to say on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show amid ongoing drama among the cast.

During a sit down with Margaret Josephs on the latest episode, Jennifer insinuated that Teresa was also calling around and trying to get information about the Evan cheating rumor.

Jennifer has been taking the heat for continuing to dig for information, so she threw Teresa into the mix as well.

However, the revelation wasn’t exactly a surprise to Jackie who shared her two cents about the situation during the After Show.

“She uses Jennifer as her puppet,” said Jackie. “Like she knows Jennifer’s gonna do whatever she says to do and that’s why I can’t trust Teresa and I can’t trust Jennifer.”

During the After Show, Jackie also questioned Teresa’s apology to her and Evan for spreading the rumor– after now knowing that she was still digging for dirt.

“When you apologized to me last year, you apologized to my husband, say, ‘I never would do anything to hurt you’ how sorry were you actually if this was still going on?” reasoned Jackie.

Margaret Josephs slams Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice

During the Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show Margaret Josephs also had a lot to say about the recent turn of events.

Margaret has been at the center of most of the controversy this season and was the one to drop the affair bombshell about Jennifer Aydin’s husband early on in the season.

Furthermore, her feud with Teresa has become explosive as she continues to question the OG’s fiance Luis Ruelas.

It’s not surprising that Margaret came to Jackie’s defense after finding out that Jennifer and Teresa were still searching for dirt on Evan even after they made peace.

“They made up before last year’s reunion and then come to find out–right before the reunion–they’re calling all over town, her and Jennifer, to try and make it true,” remarked Margaret.

“I think that’s what was so upsetting,” she added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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