RHONJ: Frank Catania speaks on dramatic fight between Teresa Giudice and the Gorgas

Frank Catania speaks on Teresa Giudice's altercation with the Gorgas.
Security intervened in an altercation between Teresa Giudice and the Gorgas. Pic credit: @teresagiudice/Instagram

Frank Catania recently spilled the tea on the dramatic altercation between Teresa Giudice and Melissa and Joe Gorga. 

We’ve heard rumblings that things got physical during The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale and according to Frank, security had to intervene.

Frank noted that he also had to jump in and try to break up the fight as other cast members got involved. 

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While he couldn’t give away too much, Frank shared some juicy details on the confrontation that has since caused a rift between Teresa and the Gorgas. 

Things got so bad that Joe and Melissa skipped Teresa’s wedding and from what we know, the couple has not spoken to her since. Frank, who was at the wedding, noted that the Gorgas’ presence was missed since Joe was supposed to walk his sister down the aisle.

However, after the family’s ups and downs over the years, Frank admitted he doesn’t know if they can recover from this.

Frank Catania speaks on dramatic RHONJ fight

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star had a chat with Page Six about the finale party organized by Dolores Catania’s new beau Paul Connell.

“We go to the party, and it was nice! You’ll see, it’s a theme party, and it was great,” said Frank. “Paulie did an excellent job. His place was set up so beautifully … [but] we didn’t even get to all of the themes that he set up because it got so crazy.”

“Let’s put it this way: There had to be people in between the women; there had to be people in between the men,” said Frank who noted that he got involved as well as security guards at the event.

“I always try to keep the peace and calm everybody down,” he said. “But it’s a hard crowd to keep down!”

Teresa Giudice and the Gorgas may not recover from this feud

Frank also dished about the aftermath of the altercation which caused the Gorgas to skip Teresa’s wedding.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star said he wished they had shown up, especially since Joe and Teresa’s parents are dead and Joe is her only sibling.

“To see Teresa come out of the church and walk down the aisle by herself when everybody knows it should’ve been Joe next to her…He’s the only one left, and it’s a small family,” explained Frank.

“That bothered me because you can’t get that back,” he continued, “You’re not gonna get that back. You can’t go, ‘Oh, let’s redo it.’ You’re not gonna redo it. So that was the one thing that bothered me.”

However, after speaking with the couple, Frank is doubtful that they’ll make amends with Teresa as they have “very strong feelings” about what happened.

“To be honest with you, I am not optimistic on this relationship coming back together,” confessed Frank.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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