RHONJ fans say Teresa Giudice is ‘lying’ for claiming Joe Giudice ‘never yelled’ during their marriage

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice at the BookMark Shoppe in New York City, 2017.
Teresa Giudice called out for a recent comment. Pic credit: © Maryannakis/

Teresa Giudice is being called out by long-time Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers regarding a comment she made about her ex-husband, Joe Giudice.

During a recent chat, she claimed Joe never yelled or cursed at her during their marriage, but Bravo fans are not buying that.

Joe’s personality has softened since his jail stint and deportation, and these days, people love watching the dad of four having fun with his girls.

However, people were not impressed with how he treated his wife in the early seasons.

One of the most memorable scenes played out in Season 4 during a family trip to Napa Valley.

At one point, Joe excused himself to speak with a mystery person on the phone, and then he saw Teresa coming to look for him.

Here she comes my b**ch wife,” said Joe to the person on the phone. “She’s such a “c**t.”

A tense interaction between the pair later followed when Teresa queried who Joe had snuck off to speak with on the phone.

“Don’t be a f**king pain in the a**,” he told her, after claiming he was talking to one of his workers who didn’t understand English.

It’s interactions like this one that made RHONJ fans do a double-take at a recent claim Teresa made about Joe.

Teresa Giudice claims her ex-husband Joe Giudice ‘never yelled’ at her

Teresa and Joe have been on good terms since their divorce, but she made a comment during a recent episode of her podcast, Namaste B$tches, that made us give her the side eye.

The OG and her co-host Melissa Pfeister were talking about the temperament of their husbands, and Teresa mentioned her ex.

“When we used to be married, he never yelled. My kids didn’t grow up with yelling in the house,” she said.

“Joe would speak and curse but not at me, it’s just the way he talked,” explained the 51-year-old. “He would curse when he talked.”

RHONJ fans say Teresa Giudice is ‘lying’

After a snippet of the podcast was shared online, RHONJ viewers accused Teresa of “lying” about Joe and used the Napa Valley scene as a prime example.

“Are you serious? We all watched Joe yell and call everyone names,” responded one commenter.

“Lol are you kidding me we watched him call you I see you next Tuesday on live TV. Please save it for somebody who has amnesia lol,” added someone else.

One RHONJ fan said, “Are you delusional?? She’s lying to everyone. All of you that thinks she isn’t the problem I sure hope this proves she is or you are just as delusional !!!!”

Instagram Comments about Teresa Giudice
Pic credit: @hurrdatmedia/Instagram

Another person mentioned the Napa Valley C-word comment, saying, “Let’s not forget…”

“Liar,” exclaimed someone else. “he called u a b**ch while on the phone with some broad…”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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7 months ago

She’s a damn liar!