RHONJ fans call Teresa Giudice ‘delusional’ and ‘insufferable’ as she slams Joe and Melissa Gorga

RHONJ Teresa Giudice screenshot
Teresa Giudice gets backlash from RHONJ fans. Pic credit: Bravo

We were hoping for a new start with Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Teresa Giudice has returned to her old ways.

Episode 1 was quite a departure from the norm as the season didn’t kick off with the drama between the OG and her family, Melissa and Joe Gorga.

Melissa was asked about Teresa during her confessional but the brunette beauty refused to say a word about her sister-in-law.

Sadly, Teresa couldn’t do the same and during a recent interview, she was right back to bashing them.

However, RHONJ fans have grown exhausted with Teresa’s refusal to take responsibility for her part in the family division.

They took to social media to drag to the 51-year-old calling her delusional and insufferable as she blamed the Gorgas for making her 2023 wedding about them.

Teresa Giudice slams Joe and Melissa Gorga in a new interview

We thought Season 14 would give us something new to talk about but Teresa Giudice is digging up the past again.

During a recent interview, she opened up about her decision to cut Joe and Melissa out of her life.

“After what they did after my wedding, trying to make my wedding all about them, that was the last straw,” said Teresa.

“This season something else comes out that I was shocked to hear and that’s it,” noted the OG, who claimed her heart started to race as she dished about her sister-in-law and her brother.

“When your family members deliberately hurt you, that’s on a whole other level,” she added.

As for the new revelation that the mom of four was referenced in her interview, we’ll have to wait for things to play out during the season to find out more about that.

RHONJ fans call out Teresa for being ‘delusional’ and ‘insufferable’

During her chat with the hosts of The Talk Teresa made it clear that there was no hope of a reconciliation between her and the Gorgas.

She also claimed she gets “signs” from her parents who have passed away letting her know that she made the right decision.

After the video was posted online, frustrated RHONJ fans blasted her in the comments.

“She’s crazy how many things has she done like people need to stop giving her attention seriously @bravoandy need to remove TERESA ASAP,” said a commenter.

“Teresa is insufferable. Why would anyone trust what comes out of her hotdog 🌭 lips 👄,” added someone else.

RHONJ fans bash Teresa Giudice on social media
Pic credit: @bravohousewives/Instagram

An Instagram user wrote, “The person who says ‘LOVE, LOVE LOVE’ is out there spreading HATE, HATE, HATE! 🙄.”

“She’s freaking delusional!! Mental health is Real!!” said someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Rosemarie McCardle
Rosemarie McCardle
13 days ago

Tre needs to go! She is EVIL. Jackie just proved she is riding on the shows coatails and needs to go! Shevhas proven that she can’t be honest with any of them. Bye to both!!