RHONJ fan who was called ‘big boy’ by Jennifer Aydin speaks out

RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin screenshot
Jennifer Aydin is still fielding criticism from BravoCon. Pic credit: Bravo

A Real Housewives of New Jersey fan had no idea what was in store for her when she bought her pricey tickets to BravoCon 2023.

However, whatever she had in mind for the three-day weekend, it’s unlikely that a faceoff with Jennifer Aydin was on her bucket list.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened when a woman named Gabby threw shade at Jennifer during a Q&A segment and got it back tenfold.

Gabby has since spoken out in a video and blasted Jennifer for body-shaming and misgendering her.

She also denied claims that she was paid by Margaret Josephs or by Joe and Melissa Gorga to embarrass Jennifer.

The RHONJ star got a lot of criticism for her response to Gabby, who asked her about being up Teresa Giudice’s a**.

In response, Jen called her “big boy” and doubled down on her comments later calling her a “whale.”

RHONJ fan speaks out after being body-shamed by Jennifer Aydin

Gabby has been getting quite the response after her bold comments about Jennifer Aydin.

The clip eventually went viral, so she spoke out and explained everything in a video posted on Instagram.

“The video you’ve all been waiting for…..setting the record straight about what REALLY occurred at BravoCon 2023…..Enjoy! ❤️ wrote Gabby.

“For everyone saying that I was paid, escorted out, or I’m a hater, you got it all wrong!”

In the clip, Gabby said, “I wasn’t paid! Everyone’s saying that I was paid by Marge, I was paid by the Gorgas…I didn’t collect a single check, I wish I could say I did.”

As for the body-shaming comment, Gabby said, “I’m not hurt at what Jen said…You wanna sit there and call me ‘big boy with the big mouth‘, I have thick skin.”

However, she pointed out the hypocrisy in Jennifer’s behavior.

“As someone whose storyline was related to their daughter being bullied in school because she was overweight, and having a family member that is a part of the LGBTQIA community, you’re gonna sit there and body shame and misgender someone?” reasoned Gabby. “I have a problem with that.”

RHONJ fan says she has no regrets about throwing shade at Jennifer Aydin

Gabby, who has been to BravoCon for the past three years, explained in her video that the questions are often “shady and spicey” and sometimes “grimy.”

Meanwhile, despite how things blew up between her and Jennifer, the RHONJ fan noted that she does not regret asking Jennifer that question, because during the panel, the mom of five kept interrupting people on stage in defense of Teresa.

“Do I regret asking my question the way that I did? No,” confessed Gabby. “Do I regret not wording it differently? No!”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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7 months ago

Jennifer Aydin is a disgrace. She has no class, is a terrible mother and a sloppy drunk. She should really learn to shut her mouth.