RHONJ: Dolores Catania says ‘it was probably best’ Joe and Melissa Gorga skipped Teresa Giudice’s wedding

RHONJ star Dolores Catania
RHONJ star Dolores Catania said she would have loved to see Joe Gorga at his sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding. Pic credit: ©

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania is a dear friend of Teresa Giudice and has always been loyal to her. 

She was a bridesmaid at the OG’s wedding on August 6.

Dolores is now opening up about how she felt about Joe and Melissa Gorga not attending Teresa’s big day. 

She exclusively spoke to US Weekly and said, “If that’s how they felt and the way things were heated between them, it probably was best.”

The Jersey native grew up with Teresa and Joe. They lived in the same neighborhood and shared the same Italian roots. 

So, it is difficult for her to see the siblings fighting. She said she always goes back to their childhood and knows their love for one another.

Dolores Catania says Teresa Giudice was happy on her big day despite her brother not being present

Dolores told US Weekly that she would have been happy if Joe Gorga had shown up for his sister’s wedding. 

She said, “I would have loved to have seen them, of course, but I think it was mutual.”

When asked if she could see the family coming back together, Dolores said she had hope.

She said, “There is always hope for something that has a strong bond.” She added, “I knew them when they were little, and I know the love that they have.”

It looks like Dolores will remain Switzerland between Teresa and Joe. 

She said she wouldn’t be taking any sides even though she could see both sides’ points of view.

Instead, she insisted, she would support Joe and Teresa. She is rooting for the siblings to have a better relationship. 

Joe recently spoke out, saying people didn’t know how he felt amidst the feud with his sister. He allegedly skipped his sister’s wedding because he got into a physical fight with his now-brother-in-law, Luis Ruelas.

Viewers are saying Joe Gorga should have attended his sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding 

Viewers are not extending the same grace to Joe that Dolores is. 

They are saying that Joe and Melissa have been riding Teresa’s coattails throughout the show.

One fan said that Joe started it with Teresa when he called her “garbage” at this son’s Christening. 

The fan shared a clip and wrote, “Joe Gorga started this by banging on the table and getting loud.” She added, “Should have just sat and ate his food.”

Another viewer said, “I think [thinking emoji] everyone needs to watch season 5 #RHONJ. Joe Gorga has a severe anger problem and Melissa Gorga is so jealous of Teresa.”

The fan insisted, “She truly is. Why do you think Melissa didn’t come to the wedding? #Jealous #cancelgorgas #canceltroutmouth #RHONJ”

Fan comment on Joe Gorga
Pic credit: @leahhsmi60220092/Twitter

Frank Catania even said he thought Joe Gorga should have been at this sister’s wedding. Their parents passed away, and Joe was supposed to walk Teresa down the aisle. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus. 

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