RHOM: Marital relationships unravel in the trailer for Season 5

Lisa Hochstein screams at her estranged husband in the trailer for the new season of The RHOM.
Lisa Hochstein makes it clear to her husband that she doesn’t want his mistress near her kids. Pic credit: @lisahochstein/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 trailer is here, and there are a lot of relationships unraveling.

Lisa Hochstein’s contentious divorce from Dr. Lenny Hochstein is at the center of the trailer. The preview starts with Lisa crying and saying, “I don’t know if my marriage is going to survive.”

In another scene, she is surrounded by the ladies who are asking her for details about the downfall of her marriage.

She reveals that there is another girl and that her husband is “dating her now.” The women had a visceral reaction while a horrified Guerdy Abraira yelled, “Stop!”

Lisa went on to say that she was losing her best friend and her husband “to another woman.”

However, many of her friends and relatives discouraged her from trying to fix things. The OG, Lea Black, had to step in and tell her that she and Lenny are not getting back together despite Lisa’s efforts.

Lea said, “I know you want to make it work, I know you’d love to see you guys back together.” She added, “That’s not gonna happen.”

As if to make Lea’s point, the cameras caught a big argument between Lisa and Lenny. She yelled at him on the phone to keep her kids away from his mistress. She said, enraged, “You bring that girl anywhere near my f**king kids, there’s going to be a huge f**king problem. Do you understand me?”

RHOM: Guerdy Abraira asks her husband what is missing in their relationship

Lisa’s marriage is not the only one on the rocks. Many other relationships seem to be tested this season.

Guerdy was shown having a conversation with her husband. She asked the firefighter what was missing in their marriage. He responded, “You shut down at night.”

He seemed to be complaining about a lack of intimacy in their relationship. And the Haitian native got very sad about her husband’s revelation.

RHOM: Larsa Pippen accuses Julia Lemigova of cheating

In another scene from the trailer, Larsa Pippen told a stunned Julia Lemigova that someone saw her kissing a man.

When the Russian native shrugged at the claims, Larsa said, “She actually took a photo of it.”

Julia has been married to Martina Navratilova since 2014.

In another scene, Martina angrily asked her wife, “When is this gonna stop?”

When Julia didn’t take it too seriously, Martina said, “Julia, I’m done.”

Lenny Hochstein’s declaration of war

However, the biggest bombshell was when Lisa told the other ladies that her trainer dropped her “because Lenny had him training his mistress.”

The women took this as a declaration of war from Lisa’s estranged husband and started yelling all types of profanities.

Lenny’s “Mistress,” model Katharina Mazepa, recently filed a restraining order against Lisa.

One thing is for sure, this season of The Real Housewives of Miami promises to be entertaining.

The first four episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami premiere December 8 on Peacock.

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