RHODubai star Lesa Milan admits she can’t stand most of her castmates, ready for the reunion

Lesa Milan from RHODubai close up
RHODubai: Lesa Milan admits she can’t stand most of her castmates, ready for the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Lesa Milan Hall is the chief fashion designer and founder of the luxury maternity brand Mina Roe.

Milan is also a full-time cast member on season 1 of the Real Housewives of Dubai, which premiered this summer.

The Jamaica native did not hold back in a recent interview with Page Six. She admitted she can’t stand most of her castmates. 

In the interview, Milan, says she is not paid to fight on social media so she will save all her energy for the reunion. She promised to show up with receipts. 

So far this season, Lesa has clashed most with co-star Caroline Stanbury. This started when Milan questioned co-star Nina Ali’s relationship with Stanbury. 

The former Miss Jamaica bluntly declared in the exclusive interview with Page Six, “I can’t stand most of these b***hes

During the show, Lesa revealed in one of her confessionals that Nina had said some nasty and unrepeatable things about Caroline. She then went on to repeat them. 

After that, Nina went on Watch What Happens Live and denied badmouthing Stanbury.

Lesa Milan will come prepared with receipts on her RHODubai castmates, especially Caroline Stanbury

Lesa Milan and Caroline Stanbury from The Real Housewives of Dubai
Lesa Milan is looking forward to the reunion and will bring receipts on castmates, especially Caroline Stanbury. Pic credit: Bravo

Lesa stopped by the Bravo ClubHouse on July 20 and told Andy, “Listen, I heard a lot of things. And I know Ms. Nina came on here the other day saying that she didn’t say half the things I said she did.”

She continued, “But that’s what the reunion’s for! We drop the receipts!”

Nina had invited the ladies to her husband’s business partner’s lavish birthday bash. While at the event, Stanbury, in a fit of alcohol-fueled anger, pointed at Lesa and told her then fiance (now husband) Sergio Carrallo, “I hope she’s gonna suck your d**k.”

An upset Lesa replied, “I won’t” as Stanbury stormed away. 

They had seemed to move past the incident. 

This would explain Milan saying in the interview, “I think people’s reactions and their actions online and, you know, watching the show, I think that has been the most surprising thing, the things that they say in the press and stuff. I think that has been the most surprising.”

Milan recently got into a Twitter feud with Caroline Stanbury’s husband after he shaded her maternity clothing line. 

Sergio Carrallo tweeted, “I am looking for some maternity clothes… oh, I know the biggest in the world… started by Mina… And… again they got called in a lie #RHODubai Actually our friend funded your ‘8 figures’ business. #comingout Not even ranked lol @BravoTV.”

Lesa tweeted back, “Sergio! Happy to send you some maternity and post-pregnancy wear if/when your new baby comes! We know you’ll be the one wearing it”.

Lesa Milan, along with some of her Dubai co-stars, clashed with Lisa Rinna over some of her Instagram comments.

Lesa Milan is looking forward to the reunion and will use it as a therapy session

Lesa concluded the interview by saying she would use the reunion as a therapy session. She is looking forward to resolving some things with her group of friends. 

She reveals she is still very close with her co-star and best friend, Chanel Ayan.

On her appearance on the Watch What Happens Live After Show, Andy commended her. He said it was a good way to approach the reunion and that, in this sense, she is following in the footsteps of the former supermodel, Cynthia Bailey.

RHODubai viewers cannot way to see what receipts Lesa will bring to the reunion. Will she pull a Monique, and come with a binder?

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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