RHOC: Meghan King admits she’s in a ‘funk’ and uses social media for ‘distraction’ from reality

Meghan King.
RHOC alum Meghan King admits she’s in a “funk” these days and says using social media is the perfect distraction for her. Pic credit: Bravo

Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King is seemingly having a rough go at life these days and admits she’s in a bit of a “funk.”

The mom of three has her hands full on a regular basis with her little ones, Aspen, Hart, and Hayes.

In addition to her full-time mommy duties, Meghan is also super active on social media, where she shares insight into the lives of her and her children.

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After a string of arguably messy romantic relationships, including her divorce from ex-husband Jim Edmonds, Meghan has found herself in yet another “shift” within her life.

Taking to her social media recently, Meghan opened up to her followers in a lengthy caption explaining that because she’s so active online, she often finds herself feeling “inadequate” to others she sees on the internet.

Looking to her followers for advice, Meghan also admitted that social media isn’t the healthiest way to break away from the reality of her everyday life.

RHOC alum Meghan King talks being in a ‘funk’ and feeling like a bad mom

Over on her Instagram, Meghan shared an adorable selfie from inside her vehicle. The blonde beauty reached her arms out to take the snap while shooting the lens a tight-lipped smile and donning dark sunglasses.

In the post’s caption, Meghan got real about what is currently happening in her life. She explained that despite being in a “healthy romantic relationship” and her love of being a mother, she couldn’t help but notice that her mood has been on a downswing recently.

Social media can be so insidious,” she admitted. “…and I find myself feeling inadequate when I look at it too long.”

She continued to share a recent conversation she’d had with her mother that left her feeling like a bad mom because she was responsible for running her household alone.

“I feel defensive even when it’s unnecessary and I knew I needed to look within,” she continued. “…I don’t have answers yet, the funk continues.”

Meghan admits to using social media as a distraction

In the comment section of the post, Meghan interacted with several followers who shared various words of encouragement with her and admitted that she’s still doing her best regardless of this funk.

One follower pushed Meghan to consider if she was using social media as an attempt to “fill space” within herself and wondered if her “hustle” mentality was keeping her distracted from life.

Meghan couldn’t help but agree and responded, “Oh [100%] nail hit on the head. Distraction is so much easier than reality!”

Comment from Meghan King's IG post.
Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

Although Meghan says she doesn’t have all the answers yet, she’s bound to share more of her findings with followers after some soul-searching.

Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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