RHOC: Emily Simpson defends Kelly Dodd after constant backlash, says the newlywed is ‘always going to be outrageous’

Emily Simpson defended cast mate Kelly Dodd in new interview
Emily Simpson defends Kelly Dodd. Pic credit:Bravo

Kelly Dodd is one of those Bravo housewives that you either love completely or you just can’t stand.

And lately the controversial Real Housewives of Orange County alum has been getting more of the latter.

The newlywed has been causing a stir for the past few months for her behaviour amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only did Kelly travel all over the country while people were on lockdown, but she was also accused of making light of the coronavirus, despite the growing death toll.

And that’s not the only reason people are bashing the 45-year-old.

Just days ago she came under fire once again after posting photos from her bachelorette party.

In the photo, Kelly was clad in a, “Drunk Wives Matter” hat which many felt was an insensitive jab at the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dodd has since issued an apology, but many fans are simply tired of her antics.

However, one person not judging the RHOC alum is co-star Emily Simpson.

Emily defends Kelly Dodd

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily Simpson dished about her controversial castmate.

And, the mom-of-three made sure to defend her friend when talks turned to all the backlash Kelly has been getting recently.

“I think Kelly is just Kelly,” responds Simpson.  “And I think she has a good heart and I think she’s a good person and I think people are quick to jump on her and criticize her.”

Interestingly, the 44-year-old didn’t exactly deny that Dodd does have her share of faults, adding, “Kelly does say things that are insensitive and can be taken the wrong way, and I get that.”

However, in the same breath, the Orange County housewife seems to be excusing her friend’s behavior saying, “The thing about Kelly that makes her such a good reality star, per se, is the fact that she’s completely unfiltered at all times.”

Emily says Kelly is outrageous

Despite admitting that Dodd is indeed guilty of “insensitive” comments, the practicing attorney tried to make a case for why she makes for good reality TV.

Emily explains, “When she’s on a show and she tells somebody off, and she’s completely unhinged, people think it’s amazing and call her a queen.”

“But when she’s the same way about something going on in life, they don’t like what she says. So, it’s just… it’s who she is. She’s not going to be politically correct on one hand and then, like, outrageous on the show. She’s always going to be outrageous.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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