RHOBH rumors: Lisa Rinna wants $2 million for next season amid calls to remove her from show

The RHOBH star Lisa Rinna wants a high pay raise for next season.
RHOBH star Lisa Rinna allegedly wants to be the highest-paid Housewife. Pic credit: ©

Fans have been calling for Lisa Rinna to be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

And now, suddenly, rumors are circling that Lisa is demanding to be paid $2 million next season or she won’t return to the show. 

It all started when Radar Online exclusively reported that Lisa was in talks with Bravo to renegotiate her contract.

They said that she was threatening to quit the show and was making all kinds of demands, and she was willing to walk away from the negotiation table if she didn’t get what she wanted. 

And she wants to be the highest-paid Housewife. 

That title was allegedly held by NeNe Leakes and previously by Bethenny Frankel. However, as of now, the cast of Atlanta is rumored to be paid the most, with Kandi Burruss as the highest-paid star.

Radar Online reported that a source told them, “At this point, Bravo needs Lisa more than Lisa needs Bravo. She was a star before Bravo and will be a star long after Bravo too.” 

Where have we read these words before? 

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna made a big statement

Last month, Lisa shared a throwback picture of herself and wrote, “I was Lisa F**king Rinna before HW and I’ll be Lisa F**king Rinna after.”

Lisa also archived all posts related to RHOBH or Housewives in general. She went as far as blocking bloggers who follow the franchises. This fueled rumors that she was leaving the show.

And now, the Radar article says that Lisa wants to get paid $2 million. 

Because the language in her post is almost identical to the one in the article, some fans are alleging that Lisa may have started the rumors she is asking for a raise. 

Viewers have theories of why the reality star is allegedly going to all these lengths. Some think she wants to stay relevant to the show. Others believe she wants to make it seem like she is the one quitting and not getting fired.

One fan wrote, “This is just Rinna getting ahead of being fired. If she plants this story, it looks like she refuses to return. It’s just sleazy enough to work.”

Viewers have been calling for Lisa to get fired from the show. 

The long-anticipated Aspen episode finally aired. Lisa accused Kathy Hilton of having a meltdown and saying horrible things about the network and her castmates.

The Rinna Beauty CEO even said that Kathy threatened to take down her sister Kyle Richards and her whole family. 

Viewers feel Lisa planned to put Kathy in a bad light because she is a fan favorite. They have continued to call for Lisa’s firing. They say she doesn’t bring anything more to the show and hasn’t had an actual storyline in years. 

One fan wrote, “the fact that most people aren’t believing Lisa Rinna’s version of Kathy’s meltdown is yet another reason why she should be fired.” Adding, “she has lost all credibility, any topic brought up by her, whether real or fake, does not have the proper impact on the audience.”

Another fan wrote, “Lisa Rinna probably got fired already, tried to spin this story so she claimed (read: lie) that Bravo couldn’t afford her. Bye sis.”

Lisa recently said that she was the Lebron James of her franchise and that Bravo “Couldn’t afford” to lose her.

Fans will have to wait and see how this plays out. The reunion was filmed a couple of weeks ago, and before we know it, the ladies will be filming for a new season. By then, we’ll officially know if Lisa made the cut.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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