RHOBH rumor: Is Kyle Richards refusing to film Season 14 scenes with Dorit Kemsley?

RHOBH castmates Kyle RIchards and Dorit Kemsley
Is Kyle RIchards still mad at Dorit Kemsley? Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo has been keeping us in the dark about what’s happening with Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly, and as each day passes, there’s another rumor.

The latest one is that Kyle Richards is being a total diva with production and is refusing to film scenes with her former friend, Dorit Kemsley.

There’s been plenty of recent chatter about whether Dorit would be the next cast member to get cut amid the show’s shakeup.

Newbie Annemarie Wiley was swiftly fired after her first season on the show, and Crystal Minkoff also got her walking papers after three seasons as a full-time Housewife.

Rumors later started rumbling that Dorit was also getting the axe, and then there were claims she wasn’t fired but was downgraded to a friend role.

The latest update is that Dorit is still waiting for her RHOBH Season 14 contract, as producers are unsure whether they want her back.

It’s clear that Dorit wants to hold on to her diamond for at least one more season, but not if Kyle Richards has anything to say about it…allegedly.

Is Kyle refusing to film scenes with former BFF Dorit Kemsley?

A blind item has tongues wagging about Kyle’s alleged diva behavior as RHOBH prepares to film the new season.

Kyle has claimed that she still hasn’t decided whether she’ll return, but it seems she’s made up her mind about mending her friendship with Dorit.

The blind item was sent to Deuxmoi from a Miss Jackon, titled “Diamond Drama.”

“This OG of the BH and her former BFF both got asked back next season – but rumor has it one is refusing to come on if she has to shoot scenes with the other.”

While no names were mentioned, Kyle and Dorit are the most plausible pair since they had a major Season 13 fallout that got fiery at the reunion.

RHOBH fans weigh in on Kyle’s alleged diva antics

After the blind item was posted online, RHOBH fans took to the comments to blast Kyle.

“It’s Kyle once again trying to dictate what is shown and self produce. Let her go,” said a commenter.

“Kyle pulling rank and another one bites the dust. LVP, Denise, now Dorit,” reasoned someone else.

A frustrated viewer said, “@bravotv just do us all a favor already and #FIREKYLE & #FIREDORIT neither have a storyline and bring absolutely nothing to the table.”

RHOBH fans sound off on the latest rumor.
Pic credit: @bravosnarkside/Instagram

Someone else exclaimed “I always loved watching Kyle. That said, she needs to go. She’s the same monster type as Teresa Guidice only smarter.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
19 days ago

I am so sick of Kyle! She needs to grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around her, and the show certainly doesn’t need her.

18 days ago

I see producer Kyle is still running the show. Please get rid of her!