RHOBH: Quick fixes to make the show watchable again

Erika Jayne on Season 13 of The Real Housewives of beverly Hills.
Erika is one of the few cast members who should stay on RHOBH. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills set the standard for what we expect from a show highlighting the glitz and glamour of one of the most expensive zip codes in the world.

The show has survived many big casting changes, but recently, it’s gone from being appointment viewing to one of those shows we watch without asking questions to one we’re scrutinizing because so many things are so off.

The series has had an impressive run, but producers are relying on contrived drama to get the show in the headlines and to keep fans watching.

In the past, the show didn’t need to look very far for new storylines, but sadly, the recently wrapped RHOBH Season 13 was one of the most pointless seasons in reality TV history.

There was plenty of conflict, but the show has reached a dark place in which the cast members aren’t afraid to attack each other with damaging information and discard their relationships like they’re going out of fashion.

Let’s take a look at some quick fixes to give this diamond back its sparkle.

Scale back the fake friendships

To viewers, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley seemed like the best of friends, but that changed during the reunion when the former downplayed their relationship.

Ultimately, it came across as though they hammed it up for the series, and now that we know they weren’t as tight as we were led to believe, it removes an element of authenticity from their storylines.

It makes us wonder whether the scenes of Kemsley’s husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, and Richards’ now-ex Mauricio Umansky being friends were also planted by producers.

If Richards was willing to throw away what viewers perceived to be a years-long relationship, it’s hard to believe there was ever anything there in the first place.

Another glaring example of a fake friendship is Kathy Hilton and Sutton Stracke. Despite not filming a single scene this season, Hilton showed up at the reunion and commented that she was going to come for Stracke.

We’ve been led to believe they are very close, so either everyone is friends and hamming up conflict for the cameras, or they genuinely despise one another and want to take each other down when we least expect it.

The casting process needs an overhaul

Diana Jenkins was one-and-done during RHOBH Season 12, and Annemarie Wiley is destined to face a similar fate in the coming weeks.

Neither of the newer housewives had any connections of substance to current housewives, even though we were supposed to believe they did.

After watching the show for so long, it’s easy to spot when the producers are shoehorning in new cast members.

Despite being one of the most polarizing housewives, Wiley would have benefited from being on the show from the beginning of the season.

Throwing her into the mix midseason felt like an afterthought, and it seemingly pushed her to be a try-hard to immerse herself in the drama to score a contract renewal for another season.

The casting process set her up to fail, and without a full season under her belt, it’s hard to say she’s been a dud. However, if she gets to return, there’s a chance that she could deliver as a housewife.

In addition, producers need to stop bringing back former cast members when the storylines get stale because Denise Richards and Camille Grammer’s returns were purely to add some drama to the narrative.

We need a new #1 on the call sheet

At one point, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were the co-leads of the show.

After Vanderpump’s exit, Richards stepped up to the plate and delivered in ways many of her co-stars could not. Sadly, she’s fallen out of favor with many of the show’s fans after her most personal season yet.

Yes, she was the most talked-about cast member last season, but what did we actually learn about her situation?

The mystery surrounding her and Umansky’s relationship status and rumors about her and Morgan Wade didn’t amount to anything of substance.

The cast is linked to several big-name celebrities, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get someone big for the next season to recenter the show around because it’s clear that Richards is no longer interested in delivering the goods.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus. Season 14 is expected to premiere in late 2024. Stream Seasons 1-13 on Peacock.

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2 days ago

The show was indeed different this season, and not necessarily in a good way!! It seemed to jump around a lot and didn’t seem to follow the ladies in a daily, weekly, moving fashion. I liked the story of Sutton’s dating but it was where then poof it was gone. No follow up, no more comments. Just poof!! Gone! The same with Erika Jane. Her big comeback then blank, nothing!! But the Big Blast was when it was announced that Kathy Hilton was coming on!! There was many many reactions on many many faces and truth be told, that story in itself, would be worth knowing!!! But I bet we NEVER Will!!!