RHOBH: Paris Hilton slams Kyle Richards for ‘unkind’ treatment of Kathy Hilton in latest episode

Paris Hilton is not happy with her aunt Kyle Richards
Paris Hilton publicly calls out her aunt Kyle Richards for her poor behavior on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pic credit: ©

Viewers had much to say about last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Girl with the Diamond Earrings.

Fans noticed how poorly Kyle Richards treated her sister Kathy Hilton. 

Paris Hilton, Kathy’s daughter, was one of the people commenting on the cringy exchange. 

She agreed with fans saying that her aunt had been unkind and inconsiderate towards her mother.

The ladies were having some fun in Aspen, and Kathy wanted to present her and her daughter’s tequila brand, Casa del Sol. Kyle immediately started interrupting Kathy and mocking her. 

Kathy stood up in front of the group holding her tequila bottle, and said, “I’d like you guys to try.” Kyle started making buzzing noises as she fell over laughing with Lisa and Erika. 

Paris Hilton agrees with viewers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills calling out her aunt Kyle Richards 

One fan wrote defending Kathy, “She was so cute, all excited to show the ladies the tequila… and then Kyle just scoffs at her/ none of them at least slightly interested. It was so sad to watch.” 

Paris agreed with the fan, retweeting and writing, “So Unkind.”

Paris Hilton's tweet
Pic credit: @parishilton/Twitter

It’s not the first time the Paris in Love star shaded her aunt. She recently posted her favorite cast members and neglected to add Kyle to the list.

Former RHOBH star Denise Richards also added her two cents, commenting on Paris’ post.

She wrote, “I felt bad for her you could see her feelings were genuinely hurt & the preview with rinna going out of her way to take a dig.”

Former RHOBH star Denise Richards comments on Paris Hilton's tweet to defend Kathy Hilton.
Pic credit: @ParisHilton/Twitter

Denise has been on the receiving end of Lisa’s nasty comments and the other ladies ganging up on her. She recently said she could never go back to being close friends with her.

In the preview of next week’s episode, the ladies go to a bar in Aspen, and Lisa Rinna orders Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila right after Kathy said that the bar carried her tequila, Casa del Sol.

Kathy, understandably, stormed out of the bar upset, saying Kyle didn’t even attempt to defend her.

Viewers noted that this might be the reason for the meltdown she had in Aspen.

Fans call out Kyle Richards for mocking sister Kathy Hilton

Many fans took to social media to call out Kyle and some of the other women. Viewers pointed out that they had to endure them promoting their products on the show for years.

Lisa recently promoted her Rinna wine, and Kyle has promoted her stores and her husband’s real estate company, The Agency. Even Dorit used the show as a platform for her swimwear line.

So, viewers couldn’t understand why Kathy wasn’t given the same opportunity.

One fan wrote, “I don’t like how [Kyle] was mocking [Kathy Hilton] because of her purse at dinner. Who freaking cares what her bag looks like? It wasn’t playful teasing. It was nasty. Then they shade her tequila pitch?”

The fan added, “[Kyle] is a horrible sister & clearly jealous. [Kathy] is a queen.”

Another fan wrote, “I didn’t appreciate the way [Kyle] is making fun of [Kathy Hilton’s] bag and interrupting [Kathy] with her new tequila. It’s rude and disrespectful. I love that [Crystal] stood her ground with [Erika]. [Kyle] needs to be a better sister.”

The reunion will be filmed tomorrow. And Kyle has already said that this is the reunion she has least looked forward to after Season 5.

Maybe all this backlash can help Kyle recognize her wrongdoing and act more kindly towards her sisters.

The irony is that there was an effort to paint Kathy as a horrible person and a racist, however, it seems like she is still a fan favorite.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 7/8c on Bravo. 

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