RHOBH: Kathy Hilton gives update on where she stands with Lisa Rinna

RHOBH Kathy Hilton
RHOBH Kathy Hilton answers fan question on where she stands with Lisa Rinna. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Xavier Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kathy Hilton is setting the record straight on her relationship with Lisa Rinna.

Kathy joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season as a friend. Her quirkiness, funny expressions, and authenticity made her an instant fan favorite, but some of her co-stars might not be so happy about her popularity.

She recently appeared on Watch What Happens alongside Crystal Minkoff and answered a viewer’s question on where she stands with her co-star Lisa Rinna. 

The fan asked on a video call, “So Kathy, where do you and Rinna currently stand since she seems to come after you on social media, and when was the last time you spoke with her?”

Andy nodded in agreement with the caller.

Kathy kept her composure and said, “I’m trying to think. I saw her at the MTV Music Awards. I don’t think I’ve seen her since.”

Regarding Lisa Rinna feud, Kathy Hilton says she is always polite

In the clip posted by Bravo, it appeared Kathy was carefully choosing her as she added, “And you know, I’m always polite and whatever. And she is too you know if we were right in each other’s face.”

Kathy remained a class act and didn’t shade her co-star.

She also didn’t give life to any of Rinna’s accusations.

Lisa Rinna has suggested Kathy Hilton behaved poorly for months

There was a series of social media posts that came out featuring Rinna’s leaked messages.

Rinna wrote, “I can’t even look at [Kathy]; it’s so hideous, and here’s the thing if you’re gonna be on a reality show, honey, and you’re a homophobic racist, you should’ve stayed home.” 

The soap opera star said that Kathy’s kids have been called out for the same type of behavior she displayed. She encouraged her fans to, “Do some googling.”

Rinna added, “One thing I can tell you they got it from their mama… so when it all starts coming out, do some googling and see where those words have been thrown around before.”

Rinna faces off with Kathy in the mid-season trailer 

Before the season premiered, there were reports that some major drama went down on a cast trip to Aspen. 

The mid-season trailer for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was centered mostly on Kathy’s attitude on the trip. Her co-stars are seen saying that she was “Raging and so angry.” Rinna even said, “I had locked myself in the bathroom.”

Erika Jayne said, “If I can be torn apart, earrings and widows Kathy has to own her s*** too.”

Kyle told Dorit, “Someone wants my sister to look bad.” 

Dorit asked, “Someone in this group?” Kyle answered, “100%.” 

And then the camera cut to Rinna as she said, “It’s too much to pretend that everything is f***king Hunky Dory.” 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo

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