RHOBH fans debate whether Sutton Stracke was ‘afraid’ to faceoff with Kathy Hilton

RHOBH stars Sutton Stracke and Kathy Hilton reunion
Is Sutton Stracke scared of Kathy Hilton? Pic credit: Bravo

Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion finally played out, and Kathy Hilton appeared on the show.

Sutton Stracke also left a memorable impression in the finale as a medical emergency caused significant concern among most of her castmates.

During a shady moment, Kathy seemed unphased by Sutton’s condition as she whispered to sister Kyle Richards it was a convenient interruption.

The duo were about to go in on the Sutton Concept founder for comments she made about their relationship earlier in the season.

However, since Sutton fell ill and had to be whisked away to the emergency room, the sisters never got the chance to confront her.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of conversations on social media about the incident, as some RHOBH viewers think Sutton feigned being ill because she was “afraid” of Kathy.

Was Sutton Stracke ‘afraid’ to faceoff with Kathy Hilton?

There’s a lot of chatter on X about the final of the three-part RHOBH reunion. and some viewers are debating Sutton Stracke’s medical emergency.

One commenter made a bold claim in a post that has people riled up in the comments.

The self-proclaimed Housewives superfan wrote, “I replayed Kathy’s entrance. Sutton was afraid and had to figure out an early exit out of this reunion. Kathy was about to read and drag Sutton for filth. Unfortunately we won’t know for what….yet.”

Several people responded to the claims, with a few in agreement.

“I mean unless they did Houdini editing that’s exactly what is showing,” reasoned an X user. “Right after that, she fainted and said she was scared…”

Another person claimed the scene was “staged,” adding, “She didn’t want to get humiliated by Kathy so she punked out…”

X users comment on the RHOBH reunion
Pic credit: @justmarlon90/@MamaDukes0627/X

RHOBH viewers defend Sutton after medical emergency at the reunion

Meanwhile, the naysayers were in the minority because most RHOBH viewers who saw the post rushed to Sutton’s defense.

“You can’t fake high PB. Kathy and Sutton are great friends, her health episode didn’t have anything to do with Kathy,” said one X user.

Someone else sarcastically added, “Yep and then she magically WILLED herself into high blood pressure and heart rate and had the medics say she needed to be seen asap 💕 ur so smart.”

RHOBH viewers defend Sutton Stracke on X
Pic credit: @Lisamadison2013/@itscoreytho/@theoSaVioDavid/X

“Sutton had a medical condition confirmed by every medic but y’all want to desperately hate on her it’s becoming pathetic,” exclaimed another RHOBH viewer.

Do you think Sutton had reason to be scared of Kathy Hilton?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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