RHOA: Sheree Whitfield gets overwhelming support for She by Sheree as customers crash website

RHOA star Sheree Whitfield finally launches 'She by Sheree.'
RHOA OG Sheree Whitfield receives tremendous support from fans after the launch of her brand She by Sheree. Pic credit: @shereewhitfield/Instagram

After 14 years of waiting, viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta finally got a fashion show. 

OG Sheree Whitfield pulled it off and served viewers and nay-sayers saw a beautiful show with more than 24 pieces. 

After the episode aired, fans flocked to the She by Sheree website to show their support for Sheree. 

Some were lucky and were able to order some things to add to their loungewear and workout wardrobes.

However, some were not able to get on the website, as it crashed a few hours after the episode aired.

Apparently, the influx of traffic was greater than expected. Sheree took to social media to address the issue.

RHOA star Sheree Whitfield thanks fans and asks for patience amidst She by Sheree site crash

The She by Sheree owner wrote, “Due to the overwhelming interest in She by Shereé the influx of love is crashing the website!!”

However, she reassured her fans that the problem was being worked on. She asked them, “Continue to check back in within the next 24 hours.” She added, “We wish to serve you soon.”

The fashion designer made sure to thank fans by writing, “Thank you for your interest.”

She added, “Thanks to the customers whom we were able to serve so far tonight.”

The She by Sheree website is back online and working as of this writing. However, some orders must be placed through backorder. For some items on the website, there is a disclaimer that says, “Due to high demand, limited inventory is available, and some items might be back-ordered.” 

RHOA OG Sheree Whitfield said about her fashion show, ‘after 14 years I did it!’

At the end of Sunday’s episode, Sheree was beaming. She said in her confessional, “After 14 years I did it!”

She added, “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve had a lot of letdowns. I want everyone who feels like they can’t do it to keep pushing with prayer, determination, hard work. It will definitely pay off.”

Andy Cohen shows major support for Sheree Whitfield

After the RHOA episode aired, Andy Cohen immediately took to social media to show off his She By Sheree piece. 

He posted a picture with the caption, “I got mine.”

Business mogul and Sheree’s cast-mate, Kandi Burruss-Tucker who has been on the show since Season 2, wrote on her social media, “All week check @IamSheree’s site. She will be adding new merchandise!”

And when a fan asked her what had been her favorite part of this season, she wrote, “That Spring, Summer, September finally came…”

Next week, the first part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion will premiere.

Viewers noticed that Sheree got first chair, next to Andy. It’s going to be an interesting reunion!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 7/8c on Bravo.

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