RHOA: Porsha Williams denies throwing shade at Nicki Minaj

Porsha Williams clears up some messy rumors about her throwing shade at Nicki Minaj.
Porsha Williams clears up some rumors about her throwing shade at Nicki Minaj. Pic credit:

The former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams, has recently gone under fire for a post that she made that was intended to be a tribute to all of the amazing women rappers that have paved the way for younger rappers. 

However, there was a slight hiccup within the post that Porsha missed, which brought concern to many about where Porsha stands regarding Nicki Minaj. 

In the photo that Porsha reposted, there were many old-school female rappers such as MC Lyte, Lil Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, and many more.

One of the female rappers included Nicki Minaj. 

Porsha Williams did not read the entire photo when it came to Nicki Minaj’s photo because, over Nicki Minaj’s picture, the words “not you” appeared in her Square. 

The picture read, “Thank you for making female rap about unity. 

However, right before the word “female,” there was the photo of Nicki Minaj where it said “not you,” essentially canceling Nicki Minaj’s contribution to the female rap game.

Porsha uploaded the photo to her Instagram account and alleged that she did not have any ill feelings toward Nicki Minaj and that it was simply a hiccup that she did not read through the entire post before she reposted it.

Porsha Williams clears up the confusion

Porsha addressed the concerns about her feelings towards Nicki Minaj with Housewives of ATL on Instagram to clear up any confusion she may have caused by reposting the image. 

Porsha said, ”Guys calm down! I love @nickiminaj. I saw this and posted it quickly thinking it was a salute to all these Queens including Queen @nickiminaj! No news here. No shade either. Y’all got to chill I literally just used her song in my video a day ago… Have a wonderful day [kissing emoji].” 

Critics bashed Porsha Williams for not reading over the image before reposting it 

Many critics ran to the comment section of Housewives of ATL’s Instagram post to share their opinion on Porsha’s actions.

Many critics taunted Porsha for not reading the post in its entirety before she reposted it. 

One critic commented, “ Now y’all know she can’t read [laughing emoji laughing emoji].”

Critics taunt Porsha for not reading over the post.
Pic credit: @housewivesofatl/Instagram

Another person commented on the post about how essential reading is. 

The commenter expressed, “Reading is fundamental.” 

One critic expressed the importance of reading.
Pic credit: @housewivesofatl/Instagram

Luckily, Porsha was able to clear up her intentions behind the reposted image. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c. 

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