RHOA fans call out Todd Tucker for not giving the same privilege to all of his kids

Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss
RHOA viewers call out Todd Tucker on always wanting to teach lessons to his oldest daughter. Pic credit: ©

The conversation between Todd Tucker, his wife Kandi Burruss, and their older girls caught viewers’ attention on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

RHOA fans quickly took to social media to call out Todd Tucker for raising his daughter with a different standard than his other kids. 

Todd has a daughter from a previous relationship, Kaela Tucker, 26. Likewise, Kandi had a daughter before marrying Todd, Riley Burruss, 19. 

Kandi and Todd also have two children together: Ace Wells Tucker, 6, and Blaze Tucker, 3.

During the episode, the four of them sat down to discuss their parents’ will and to put in place a trust fund for each kid. 

Kandi raised the question of what would arise if she was to pass but Todd remained. 

Riley Burruss says she doesn’t trust her stepdad Todd Tucker

Riley said in the episode that she doesn’t think Todd would take care of her as well as her mother does. Todd admitted his parenting style is stricter, and whereas Kandi would give the kids a lump sum of money, Todd would prefer various payouts at different ages. 

The flashbacks of the episode showed Riley moving into a beautiful New York City apartment to attend her first year of college, where Kaela always had to work and wasn’t given an allowance.

When all the women expressed that Todd wouldn’t be as generous as Kandi, Todd got up and left. He said the children were disrespectful and entitled. 

This is not a new theme in the Burruss-Tucker household. A few years ago, Kandi’s mother Joyce had also raised concerns for Riley’s care if Kandi was no longer around. 

Fans call out Todd for raising his daughter with less privilege than his other kids

Some fans called out Todd for being too hard on his oldest daughter, while others could see Riley’s point and even agreed with her.

One user wrote, “Kayla is going to have feelings of resentment towards Todd, if she doesn’t resent him already. Everyone in that house is living a lavish lifestyle, while Kayla is getting crumbs. All because Todd wants to teach her a lesson. Lastly, this can cause tension between siblings.”

Another viewer wrote, “I agree with Kandi. Everything doesn’t have to be a ‘lesson’ to your child. Todd steady hollering about ‘independent’… you got money. PROVIDE! Your daughter sitting in your face telling you how she feel and you steady veering left. Yuck.”

@ChinaKeyy RHOA fan screenshot
Pic credit: @chinakeyy/Twitter

A fan took to Twitter to write, “I would lose respect for my dad if him and his wife had money and he made me struggle to teach me a lesson, meanwhile, my step siblings are well taken care of.”

RHOA fan @superbrittanie screenshot
Pic credit: @superbrittanie/Twitter

To which another viewer replied, “No way would Todd voluntarily give money to Riley and Kaela if Kandi dies…”

Some viewers agree with Todd Tucker teaching his kids hard lessons about money

It would seem that however, some fans could see Todd’s point of view and even appreciate it.

One user wrote, “Tbh, I’m not mad at Todd and his mentality on leaving their kids with money, nor his idea of raising a self-sufficient daughter.

@eye_am_thebag RHOA fan tweet screenshot
Pic credit: @eye_am_thebag/Twitter

“Kandi def spoiled Riley but it looks like she’s also self-sufficient. All Todd And Kandi both need is to meet in the middle a tad more,” the tweet continued.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Karen Foster
Karen Foster
1 year ago

Okay you all have to understand Todd never had the opportunity to have his hands on money.
Kandi has always been able to put her hands on money because that’s what she have done since becoming famous stack her money and take care of her family.

Kandi had money sitting aside for Riley when she was coming up for her college.
Todd had to piece every little piece together to make away that’s the reason why he so tight when it come to money.Todd don’t want to struggle the way he was did.

Mama Joyce just want to secure her daughter nest she’s not trying to be rude are anything.
Todd is really JEALOUS of the relationship that Kandi has with her family that includes
Riley, Kalea, and Mama Joyce and Kandi whole entire family because he want all the money for himself.
Aunt Nora granddaughter take care of her she has a well established therapy business in Atlanta. So aunt Nora ain’t worrying about no money.
I never have seem Kalea mother nor do I know her name.
Team Kandi the total package.