Return to Amish returning to TLC after 2 years — Here’s when to tune in and what to expect

Return to Amish cast attempting to catch a cab in New York
Return to Amish is returning to TLC after a two year hiatus. Here’s what to expect. Pic credit: TLC

After a two-year hiatus, TLC’s successful show Return to Amish is returning to the network with all-new episodes.

The series, which is a spinoff of the hit Breaking Amish, will see the return of some familiar faces, along with a couple of newbies.

Breaking Amish followed a group of young adults who were raised in traditional Amish and Mennonite communities and were looking for a taste of freedom. The series followed them as they left their homes and families, and traveled to New York City to start their lives without the confines of home.

Who is returning for Season 6 of Return to Amish?

After the smashing success of Breaking Amish, TLC released the Return to Amish spinoff which followed many of the same couples as they returned to their roots and navigated the waters of marriage and family after having left the community.

Season 6 will see the return of Jeremiah Raber and his wife, Carmela. Jeremiah’s journey through Breaking Amish included his search for family. He was adopted by Amish parents who broke ties with him once he left to live an English life.

In the new season, Carmela will join Jeremiah on his search for his biological family. It seems that the couple has come a long way since marrying in 2016.

Sabrina Burkholder is also set to return to the series. As one of the OG cast members of Breaking Amish, Sabrina fell on hard times when she ended up pregnant out of wedlock. Her family had a tough time accepting her choices and Sabrina struggled to find her place in a family and even within the group.

This season, however, Sabrina has some major life changes in the works. In addition to being one year sober, Sabrina is also expecting another child with Jethro Nolt.

Who are the new faces coming to Return to Amish?

Although familiar faces will be returning to the series, there will also be some new cast members added for the upcoming season.

Season 6 will bring newcomers Rosanna and Maureen into the group. The two young women are excited for all the life experiences that await them as they leave behind their strict home lives.

According to the show’s press release shared by In Touch Weekly, “Rosanna’s sheltered life hasn’t prepared her to deal with the stress of the English, or non-Amish, world, but she’s determined to soak up her new surroundings.”

The release continues, “Maureen is similarly excited to experience the English world, and a budding relationship has the potential to help her acclimate even faster.”

The Season 6 premiere episode of Return to Amish airs Monday, March 22 at 9/8c on TLC.

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