Recap: “Below Deck” on BravoTV ‘The Little Bunny Foo Foo’ Edition


The tension’s been building for weeks on BravoTV’s “Below Deck” – Kate and Chef Leon are about to kill each other and Eddie’s bonking Rocky in the laundry room. Does Captain Lee realize what’s going on with the crew on the Eros? He only knows about half of it.

For the past few weeks, the captain has been telling everybody to work it out and get along, but it’s not happening. Things are falling apart between the service crew and the chef, and it’s having an impact on the guests.

The new primary charter guest arriving wants a white party for his 50th birthday. During the prep meeting, Kate suggests a white chocolate lava cake for the white party and Leon looks nonplussed. He’s totally not about the guests, at all.

“I feel so bad that this charter guest has never had a proper birthday cake. And I feel even worse that his first one’s going to be cooked by Leon, and his sous chef, Betty Crocker,” says Kate, the queen of the one-liners. She was particularly funny tonight.

One of the arriving guests looks just like Ryan Gosling, and Kate’s drooling.

“I like hot charter guests,” Kate says.

“Oh my gosh. Is that a joke, is that a picture of Ryan Gosling?” Amy asks when she sees the preference sheet with their pictures.

The guests want to go diving with the sharks, but the water is too muddy. It’s unsafe with visibility at only 10 feet. Lee offers up lobster diving as a substitute, but Kate and Connie save the day by dressing Connie in her shark bathing suit (where do they get these things – production???) and a fin. It’s pretty hilarious. But in the process, Kate gets into a spat with Leon about a cardboard box he won’t let her use.

“It’s freaking middle school up in here right now,” Eddie tells Amy. They agree it’s getting out of control between Leon and Kate. Eddie doesn’t want the deck crew getting involved.

After lobster diving, the guests want quesadillas. But the chef is napping. So Rocky steps in to make quesadillas. Captain Lee walks in and doesn’t like what’s going on.

“I have no idea what the hell is going on inside his mind. We’re not on his schedule, we’re on the guests’ schedule and somehow Leon seems to have misplaced that concept,” Lee says.

“Captain Lee seems upset that I’m cooking, but it’s like, it’s just a quesadilla,” Rocky says. Watching her use SWISS CHEESE in a quesadilla, I question what she was thinking. Don’t we all remember the raw chicken episode this season? The guests didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a charter for Rocky’s quesadillas.

“She just used leftover pot roast quesadilla,” Kate says, making a face. OMG. She’s right. It’s a new low.

“Did Captain come wake you up?” Rocky asks when Leon wanders into the kitchen. Apparently, he didn’t.

There’s a clip of Emile telling some of the guests that the girls on the boat “don’t put out.” Ticky tacky. I know why they included it, but it didn’t do anything for the storyline. We already know he’s not terribly mature. Sadly, he’s usually more professional.

“You can be pretty or dumb. You have both. You’re pretty dumb,” Connie tells Emile. She’s right!

Not everybody hates Leon. Rocky and Emile have allied themselves with the Dark Lord of the Kitchen. Not the best decision. #Rookies

“Connie, don’t get involved,” Eddie warns when Kate starts snarking about Leon.

“I feel that Kate is the infection that’s just spreading through this boat,” Emile says. But he decides not to share that opinion with Eddie and Connie. Wise move.

Kate’s realized she has the upper hand, and now she’s just torturing Leon every possible opportunity. I don’t like cheering for her, but he’s SUCH an a**hole. I think she’s just fed up.

“I didn’t know we were a bilingual kitchen now. I thought we were bi-polar,” Kate says when Leon announces he’s made Scallops San Jacques.

“Why do I have to work with f**king idiots?” Leon complains to Rocky.

“Dude, it hurts my ears to hear here talk to you like that,” Rocky tells Leon. Methinks she has picked the wrong team.

The captain goes down to intervene, but really, he just spends time sorta gossiping with Eddie about the problem, not working on a solution. It’s all-out war and everybody is bitching at each other below deck.

“Sure, all the guests love his food. But on a yacht, every meal should be unique,” Kate says when Leon serves beef cheeks, again, for dinner. She says he should spend more time cooking and less time napping.

“Oh gosh, it’s like I’m so sick of… everybody just let it go,” Amy vents to Rocky when they’re cleaning a room. But Rocky stands up for Leon.

Later, Kate asks Amy to work late to back up Rocky.

“There’s no way I would leave Rocky alone,” Kate tells Amy. But things don’t go as planned. Amy’s down in the galley washing glasses and Rocky’s dancing with the guests.

“Rocky doesn’t understand she can be talking and having fun while still working,” Amy complains. And she’s right. Rocky doesn’t realize she’s NOT A GUEST.

Amy tries to talk to her. As usual, Rocky gets all drama queen on her.

“I’ve tried, I’ve tried. I failed,” Rocky’s reaction to Amy’s suggestion that she help get things cleaned up.

The guests bail out of the party while the ladies are below deck politely sniping at each other. Amy is just plain fed up and ready to smack somebody. Good thing the guests went to bed.

“It’s like stone cold. I’m like you have the nerve. I’ve done most of your late night duties, don’t give me attitude,” Amy says.

“I need to go to sleep. So I’m just gonna going to bite my tongue because I know if I probably said what I wanted to, you’d be crying in the room. And I’d have to take over more of your duties. Come on Rocky, grow up” Amy rants in an interview.

Instead of doing her job and cleaning up after the guests, Rocky bonks Eddie in the laundry room, again. Her parents must be so proud.

“I know this is wrong. But hey, she’s got a nice ass,” Eddie says in the interview. He’s got a long-term relationship to deal with when he gets home. He’s not going to get attached.

Plus, Rocky’s a one-season girl. She sucks at her job. Seriously. The boat doesn’t look clean the next morning. I’ve never seen a cruise ship look that messy, much less a yacht.

“Rocky asks for more responsibility and says she knows what she is doing, but clearly she does not. And I end up having to do her job for her,” Kate says upon finding empty glasses and mess all over the boat in the morning.

Amy tells Kate how Rocky was hanging out with the guests the night before. Then Amy and Rocky get into it in a cabin.

“You really feel like I really don’t get it. That’s what I’m sick of… I’m sick of Kate making me feel like I don’t get it,” Rocky rants.

“Why don’t you guys just fire me if I f**k this up?… I know what I’m doing, I’m not 4,” Rocky’s losing it. And they should fire her. Her job’s not THAT hard.

“Sometimes, your attitude sucks,” Amy says. That’s pretty harsh for Amy.

“My attitude sucks? This is me. THIS IS ME!” Rocky loses it and walks away crying.

“I can’t do it anymore,” Rocky boohoos. Okay then, please quit. Your torch has been extinguished. Please leave the island.

“I’m totally worn out. I’m totally worn out right now,” Rocky tells Leon. Misery loves company, right?

“Do you honestly think it’s worth it?” Leon asks her. Ay, dios mio, what a lousy mentor to choose.

“I’ve never had as miserable an experience with a chef as I’ve had with Leon,” Kate complains. And Captain Lee’s not happy that the children aren’t playing well together.

“Leon treats the entire interior team like his wait staff,” Kate complains. But she plays along.

Chef S**tty Attitude tells the primary’s girlfriend he’s serving rabbit, and she’s not excited about it. She had pet rabbits.

“Oh my gosh, abort abort! Leon, abort the rabbit mission!” Amy’s dying, listening to the conversation. But she’s laughing hysterically.

“Do you have a backup? Something else?” Amy asks the chef.

“No, I’m gonna give it a go,” Leon is a f**king moron. She just told you she raised bunnies as a child!

Amy and Kate are killing me, singing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” in the galley as Leo plates the rabbit. I’m dying.

“Tomorrow, let’s serve them venison while they watch Bambi,” Kate suggests.

One of the guests starts singing “Here comes Peter Cottontail” when they put the plates on the table, but most of them seem to enjoy it. I think Leon should have offered the girlfriend an alternative entrée option. He’s just a narcissistic diva.

Meanwhile, Rocky texts Eddie for sex in the laundry room. Rocky says she thinks Eddie cares about her a little bit. He doesn’t. She’s a booty call. She’s so dumb it hurts. And desperate.

Kate works late shift to keep an eye on Rocky because she knows Rocky will f**k up again. The guests request late night munchies, but Leon’s already asleep. So Kate sticks a frozen pizza in the oven and makes popcorn. She should have woken his lazy ass up. That’s just less than acceptable.

Rocky “butters” a banana in the most inappropriate way possible for one of the male guests. There’s flirting, and then there’s creepy. Nobody is paying enough attention to what the hell is going on in the kitchen.

First, the microwave starts smoking because of popcorn. A minute later, the oven starts smoking, and then bursts into flames. The stews leave the oven open – providing oxygen to the fire – rather than closing it so it could burn out contained.

Don’t these people take basic safety classes? Some baking soda, shut the oven door, open the window and turn on some fans. Sheesh! Instead, the episode ends with all of us wondering if anybody is bright enough to put out the freaking fire! I am not impressed.

Next week’s teaser shows Leon blaming Kate, Chef Ben arriving on the boat, and Rocky flipping out and jumping overboard. Should be a doozy! Gonna try to live tweet – I love reading other people’s reactions to the shenanigans!

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