Real Housewives ‘botched’ drags — These are some of the best

Faye Resnick close up
Faye Resnick’s “how many Chanels” moment was a popular choice. Pic credit: © Schweich/AdMedia

Bravo fans will agree that there’s nothing better than a great Real Housewife comeback – except maybe a bad one.

For example: Real heads will remember the moment from Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Faye Resnick told Brandi Glanville, “No matter how many Chanels you borrow, you will never, ever be a lady.”

In the years since it first aired, back in 2013, that line has become iconic, remembered by Bravo fans as much for Faye’s clunky word choice as her dramatic deadpan delivery.

The phrase still haunts Faye herself, who admitted last summer at an RHOBH screening that she “wanted that line to die.”

But the now-legendary moment lives on in Housewives infamy.

The clip recently resurfaced in an online Bravo fan forum, where one person cited the “how many Chanels” moment as their all-time favorite “botched read” by a Real Housewife.

The poster asked other Reddit users to weigh in with their own favorite moments in which one Housewife tried to drag another but it “ended [up] backfiring” – and their answers did not disappoint.

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/DoneDidThisGirl/Reddit

Fans share their favorite bad Housewife comebacks

Many fans pointed to a moment from Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City when convicted fraudster Jen Shah accused her former friend Heather Gay of being inconsistent, screaming at her co-star: “You flip-flop so much, you should be wearing flip-flops.”

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/Im_sorry_rumham/Reddit

Another popular choice was The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Kelly Dodd’s failed drag of her co-star Heather Dubrow – and her apparent misunderstanding of how puppets work.

During Season 11, Kelly’s first on RHOC, she told her then-husband Michael that Heather “is the puppet, and everyone’s the master.”

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/Nina_T_Marie/Reddit

“She’s so dumb,” one commenter wrote of Kelly.

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/snowwhitenoir/Reddit

Yet another pointed to a recent moment on The Real Housewives of Potomac when, on a cast trip to Miami, Mia Thornton referred to her co-star Wendy Osefo as the “f***ing wicked witch of Wendy of the west.”

“I remember giggling at how hard it is to botch a read that easy,” the commenter wrote.

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/mizzy18/Reddit

‘Botched’ or a classic: Bravo fans weigh in

Other choices were more controversial: Some fans thought the drags were misfires, while others insisted they had actually hit home.

One commenter pointed to Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New York City, when a tearful Alex McCord famously told Jill Zarin, “You are in high school, and while you are in high school, I am in Brooklyn, trying to survive in this economy.”

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/brainzbrainzbrainzz/Reddit

Although Jill simply laughed off the dis at the time, some fans insisted that Alex had gotten the better of the encounter.  

A Bravo fan's post on Reddit
Pic credit: u/oceanicolas/Reddit

“Nothing botched about that,” one person wrote back, adding, “That line is GOLD.”

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