Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary

Adam Gottschalk & Raven Gates
Adam Gottschalk and Raven (Gates) Gottschalk celebrate their 1-year wedding anniversary. Pic credit: ABC

Back during the summer of 2017, on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk formed a relationship, fell in love, and left the island together as a couple.

Despite leaving together, the duo didn’t get engaged until almost two years later, in June of 2019.

Then, due to COVID-19 and the global pandemic, their wedding plans were changed and delayed. However, they were finally able to get married in April 2021 outside of Dallas, Texas.

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Raven and Adam Gottschalk reflect on their wedding day one year ago

Because of COVID-19 and the parameters that came along with the pandemic, Raven and Adam’s wedding was limited to only 20 people. Regardless, the couple made the best out of a tough situation, and their day came together beautifully.

Looking back and reflecting on their special day, Raven and Adam both had positive things to say when speaking with People.

Raven stated, “Adam did such a beautiful job writing his vows … It was so special. And to have just the people there who will be with us for everything was so intimate and spiritual.” Raven went on to say that hearing Adam’s personalized vows was most definitely the highlight of the wedding day for her.

Adam added that “Raven looked so beautiful. I was an absolute mess, sobbing and crying.”

The couple had a plethora of white flowers around for their day, and according to Adam, “their meal was inspired by Raven’s upbringing in Arkansas” as they had it catered in.

Besides being married a year, the couple also became new parents

Now, Raven and Adam are not only celebrating their first wedding anniversary this week in Bachelor Nation history, but they have recently become new parents as well.

Their firstborn, baby Gates Gottschalk, came into this world on January 18, 2022, so not only will they be celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary this week, but they will be toasting to it with an almost 3-month old in tow.

As the two have become parents now, and their focus has shifted more to parenthood rather than just their relationship as a couple, both Adam and Raven have had to make some changes and adjust to new routines.

Adam has been helping more around the house, and Raven stays home with baby Gates. Both agreed that communication is key for new parents, as it is a whole new ballgame.

Bachelor Nation fans wish you both a Happy one-year anniversary, Raven and Adam! Cheers to another year and many more after that!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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