Raven and Adam Gottschalk have done every imaginable type of therapy

Raven and Adam Gottschalk
Raven and Adam Gottschalk have been through a lot of therapy. Pic credit: ABC

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk met back in 2017 when they were both on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

They fell in love on the show, and while Adam didn’t propose at the finale, the two continued their relationship outside of Paradise and got engaged two years after.

While their wedding was postponed multiple times due to the pandemic, the couple finally tied the knot in April of 2021 and had their first child, Gates Gottschalk, in January of this year.

While it seems like their relationship has been nothing but a fairy tale ending, Raven revealed recently on the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation that she and Adam have done about every type of therapy imaginable.

Raven Gates revealed how she and Adam Gottschalk grew up differently

During the podcast episode with co-hosts Natasha Parker, Joe Amabile, and one of her besties, Tia Booth, Raven laid it all out on the table.

She declared, speaking of her and Adam, “We have done every sort of therapy you can think of. Not because we needed it. We did it preventively.”

Raven went on to say that she and Adam come from two different family backgrounds, each has their own religion and beliefs, and they came from different parts of the nation.

She then said, “He’s from California. He was raised differently. I’m from the South. I was raised with just my momma, and he was raised with a whole crew of people.”

Raven discussed how therapy has helped her and Adam grow as a couple

Raven talked about how having a couple’s counselor helped them to work together because of all of their differences from their pasts.

“We knew we had major differences on those kinds of things, so we had pre-marital counseling … We had counseling before we had children. We had inter-faith counseling … We did, like, getting ready for a family counseling. So, we did all of that and worked it out.”

Adam and Raven’s proactive therapy and counseling seemed to be the best thing for them, as they are thriving as not only a married couple but also as first-time parents to Baby Gates.

While their focus has shifted more from just each other, to now also Gates as well, the couple revealed that communication is key. They also discussed the fact that they have each stepped up to provide help for the other in order to ease stress.

They recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, as well as their very first Easter as new parents. For the entire podcast episode with Raven, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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