Raquel Leviss says she’s ‘letting go’ of Scandoval drama, auctions TomTom hoodie and lightning bolt necklace for charity

Rachel Leviss up close.
Rachel “Raquel” Leviss auctions off controversial items for charity following Scandoval drama. Pic credit: ©

Controversial Vanderpump Rules star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss is stepping into yet another new era following her scandalous affair with Tom Sandoval.

The Pump Rules co-stars have been slammed with serious backlash since news of their monthslong affair, nicknamed Scandoval, hit the internet earlier this year.

As viewers may recall, Raquel and Tom’s bombshell was dropped during Season 10 of the hit Bravo show, much to the horror of their fellow co-stars and long-time fans of the series.

The scandal not only shook the Pump Rules cast but also ended Tom’s nine-year relationship with then-girlfriend Ariana Madix. Her devastation was clear once the reunion special rolled around.

And as if reunion specials weren’t awkward enough, it was the first time both Raquel and Tom were publically questioned about particular events that occurred throughout their affair.

In particular, Raquel’s purchase of a lightning bolt necklace while shopping with her co-star Charlie Burnett, along with her flaunting of TomTom hoodie merch, was called into question for being an arrogant way of flaunting their then-secret.

Now, it seems that Raquel is itching to move on from her scandalous past and is doing so by putting their items up for auction — for charity, of course.

Raquel Leviss auctions off Scandoval items for charity

Initially taking to her Instagram Stories, then reposting on TikTok, Raquel shared her thoughts on life and revealed she’s in the “process of letting go.”

“Letting go of the things that no longer serve me anymore. And as I’m cleaning out my closet, I have found a few items that are a little bit triggering,” she explained directly to the camera. “I just don’t want to see them.”

Raquel elaborated that to honor World Mental Health Day, she was creating a fundraiser to get rid of the items and donating all the money to NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness).

Among the items up for auction were the lightning bolt necklace and TomTom sweater she once flaunted on social media.

Screenshot from Raquel Leviss' IG Stories.
Raquel Leviss’ lightning bolt necklace. Pic credit: @rachelleviss/Instagram

“It’s all about creating a better mindset,” she mused. “…Hopefully, there is some good that can come out of this [affair].”


Click the link in bio to bid place a bid! 100% of $$ will go directly to NAMI in honor of World Mental Health Day 🩵 #worldmentalhealthday

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Raquel spent three months in a mental health facility following the backlash from Scandoval affair

While Raquel may feel she’s in a better place now, it seemingly took her some time to get there.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Raquel checked herself into a mental health facility earlier this year after admitting she needed counseling to help with her “patterns of codependency.”

Since exiting the Arizona treatment facility, Raquel has continued to share social media content with her followers online.

As per her Instagram bio, she’s currently in her “Healing Era 🌷🌱🌸✨” and likely plans on continuing her healing journey.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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