Ramona Singer has ‘never been happier’ since RHONY exit

Ramona Singer close up
After leaving RHONY, Ramona Singer is feeling happier than ever. Pic credit: ©

“Turtle time” forever!

Since leaving The Real Housewives of New York City after 13 seasons, OG star Ramona Singer has been finding her bliss.

Last year, Bravo essentially fired the entire Season 13 cast of RHONY, including Ramona, and replaced them with an all-new lineup.

Meanwhile, fan-favorite cast members from previous seasons, including Sonja Morgan and Countess Luann de Lesseps, are reportedly in talks to star in a forthcoming Legacy spin-off.

“I do not want to do the show any longer,” Ramona said at the time, dismissing the Legacy reboot as “The Loser Show.”

Sources at the network argued that Ramona hadn’t been invited in the first place, claiming the decision to end her contract had been entirely Bravo’s.

But Ramona isn’t holding onto any bitterness. In fact, as the Ageless by Ramona founder recently told the Daily Mail, she has “never been happier” since leaving RHONY.

Ramona Singer opens up about post-RHONY projects

“I’m 60-something now,” Ramona told the outlet, “I worked hard my whole life. It’s time for me just to enjoy myself.”

Besides, she continued, starring on RHONY was no simple feat.

“And doing the show is not easy,” the Bravo alum said, calling work on the series “very stressful.”

Leaving the show has given Ramona some much-needed downtime – and an opportunity to focus on herself.  

As well as running her Ageless by Ramona anti-aging skincare line, the former reality star revealed that she recently obtained her real estate license.

The star also has a new venture in the works with her daughter, Avery.

Ramona revealed that following the success of the mother-daughter duo’s free Zoom seminar, Empower Yourself, they are working to expand the project into a paid online course.

The class will focus on four pillars of self-empowerment: confidence, business, financial independence, and networking.

Ramona Singer blames Bravo for RHONY departure

Speaking with the outlet, Ramona finally confirmed the rumors around her decision to leave Bravo, stating that in the wake of RHONY’s highly unpopular last season, the network “made the unilateral decision to get rid of everybody.”

The Season 13 cast featured Ramona alongside her longtime co-stars Luann and Sonja, as well as two more recent additions to the franchise, Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams.

Bravo, Ramona said, “just dismiss[ed] all of us with it.”

The new cast of RHONY features home renovation guru Erin Dana Lichy, model Ubah Hassan, former J. Crew president Jenna Lyons, creative director Sai De Silva, communications professional Brynn Whitfield, and fashion publicist Jessel Taank.

While other fan-favorite cast members were tapped to star in the RHONY: Legacy spin-off, Ramona was not asked back to the show after trashing it so thoroughly to the media.

But the Bravo alum is content with her life outside the show, telling the Daily Mail that she was both “happier” and “calmer” since leaving.

“It was a great experience,” she said of her time on RHONY, adding that she “wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Still, Ramona added, “I don’t miss it at all.”

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus.

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