Ramona Singer claps back at RHONY newbie Sai De Silva for calling her out

RHONY stars Ramona Singer and Sai De Silva close-up
Ramona Singer claps back at Sai De Silva. Pic credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

There’s a war brewing in the Big Apple between Sai De Silva and Ramona Singer, and this could get messy.

Okay, that was a tad dramatic, but the truth is, the past and current The Real Housewives of New York City stars are having a little spat.

Ramona just clapped back at Sai for shading her in the press after a rude run-in back in 2022, where she introduced herself to Ramona and got snubbed in return.

That seems very on-brand for Ramona, who’s been dubbed as rude by other Bravo stars, including RHONJ cast members Dolores Catania and Atlanta Housewife, Kenya Moore.

Sai dished about her encounter with Ramona during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, and last week she called the 66-year-old an “a**hole.”

Ramona stayed silent the first time Sai mentioned her name, but now she’s speaking out!

RHONY alum Ramona Singer claps back at newbie Sai De Silva

The RHONY alum used the latest episode of her podcast Turtle Time with Ramona & Avery Singer to clap back at her replacement.

Ramona’s co-host, daughter Avery suggested that Sai brought up her mom’s name to stay “semi-relevant.”

“It’s like the fourth time that she’s just trying to like mention your name,” said Avery– who noted that every time Sai mentions Ramona, an article gets written about her.

“Well it could be what you said, she wants to be relevant in the press, and what better way to be relevant?” said Ramona who noted she was nothing but nice to Sai when they met.

However, she confessed that at first, she didn’t know who the 42-year-old was because they were at a fashion show with a lot of people milling about.

“I admit my face wasn’t embracing because I get bombarded a lot by people, and I wasn’t sure — do I know her? Is she somebody new?” admitted Ramona, who noted they had a lovely chat after that and even did an Insta Story together.

Ramona Singer calls out ‘false narrative’ after being dubbed as rude

The former RHONY OG tried to shade Sai during her clapback by claiming she has a million followers and Sai only has half that amount, so she tried to help her by doing an Insta Story together and sharing it on her page.

However in true Ramona fashion, she inflated the numbers a bit because she actually has 923,000 Instagram followers, but her point was made nonetheless.

Anyway, when the episode dropped, she urged her almost one million followers to listen to the podcast and noted that she addressed Sai and her “false narrative” about her.

“the newest episode of Turtle Time with Ramona & Avery has dropped. I finally address and spill the tea about the false narrative that one of the new RHONY housewives is spreading about me,” she captioned the post.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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