Rachel Recchia calls out Nick Viall, accuses him of kicking her when she’s down

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia and Nick Viall engaged in a disagreement. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Recchia has had an emotional journey on The Bachelorette and has received critique from many viewers. 

Nick Viall has also weighed in on Rachel Recchia’s behavior as Bachelorette, comparing her to her ex Clayton Echard.

During part one of the live finale, Rachel split from Zach Shallcross and Aven Jones.

Nick critiqued how Rachel handled the breakup with Aven in a video posted to his 655.1k TikTok followers. 

Rachel caught wind of the video and commented under the post.

She voiced her disapproval of how Nick handled discussing her and her journey.

Rachel Recchia claps back at Nick Viall 

Nick Viall took to TikTok, where he made a video assessing Rachel’s split from Aven and suggesting that she essentially led Aven on. 

Nick acknowledged that being a lead in The Bachelor franchise is difficult but expressed, “we don’t get to win every breakup.” 

The former Bachelor explained how the show is about balancing finding love with making a TV show, which results in leading people on because, despite having strong feelings for a specific person, you still have to entertain other suitors. 

Nick felt Rachel knew Tino Franco was who she wanted to be with all along, but she wanted to win the breakup with Aven by making him feel bad for not being ready for a proposal. 

Similar to Clayton’s behavior on The Bachelor, Nick felt Rachel used the pressures of The Bachelorette against Aven when she should have been willing to be the bad guy and be honest about seemingly wanting Tino more. 

Nick analyzed a moment when Rachel smiled and looked potentially proud of herself directly after her tearful split from Aven. Nick felt the moment was evidence that she would always choose Tino. 


I wonder if Rachel has more empathy for Clayton now #bachelorette #relationships #breakups #heartbreak

♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Rachel replied in the post’s comment section, explaining why she was smiling.

She wrote, “Aven and I had a nice moment at the door after something very difficult for both of us. I was trying to hold it together. 

Nick used her reply to try and convince her to come on his podcast. 

Nick replied, “The people want you on the Pod! We want to get to know the real you. It will be a great conversation and a chance to share your pov.” 

Rachel called Nick out in her next comment, writing, “All your doing here is encouraging a space to kick me when I’m down based on assumptions. 

Nick appeared to defend himself as he wrote, “I’m sorry you’re down. I definitely can relate, but part of this show is the opportunity to discuss what we see. 

Nick Viall's TikTok comments
Pic credit: @nickviall/TikTok

Nick Viall draws comparisons between Rachel Reccia and Clayton Echard 

Nick also left a comment under his post that read, “I [imagine] Rachel relates more to Clayton now.” 

Some agreed with Nick, while others criticized him for comparing Rachel to her notorious ex. 

Nick Viall's TikTok comments
Pic credit: @nickviall/TikTok

A commenter that agreed wrote, “she could never be honest with herself and admit she did what Clayton did.” 

Meanwhile, a critic questioned Nick, writing, “Why would you say that, keep it to yourself.” 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

She is such a weak person…always playing the victim, then announcing that she deserves everything from everybody. What an annoying person.