Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard are hanging out again — Here’s what we know

Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard
Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard let fans know that they have been spending some time together. Pic credit: ABC

After one of the most memorable finale episodes in Bachelor history, it seems as if Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia may be back on track to reconciling a friendship — or more.

During his season of The Bachelor last year, Clayton broke things off with both Rachel and fellow contestant Gabby Windey after leading them on and telling them both that he was in love with them.

The situation had viewers believing the girls would never attempt any kind of courtship with him again, especially since they went on to star as the next Bachelorettes to fully get over the heartbreaking situation.

However, in one of the most shocking pairings Bachelor Nation has seen in recent time, Rachel shared a TikTok on Wednesday that showed her sitting on a couch next to Clayton.

The video started with former Bachelorette Michelle Young lip syncing the words, “Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?”

The camera then panned over to Rachel, who lip synced back, “I would, but, I think explaining it might give us both an aneurysm.”

Rachel then gestured over to Clayton, who was sitting adjacent to his former leading lady with his arm resting on the back of the couch behind her.

Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard confuse Bachelor Nation with new TikTok

While the TikTok did just seem like it was intended to get fans ruffled in the comments section, it’s unclear whether or not there is something potentially going on between the former lovers at the moment.

Fans certainly had a variety of opinions about the two hanging out, with one exclaiming that they were “HERE FOR IT.”

Others were simply just confused to see Rachel and Clayton together again, writing, “I’m sorry … what?” and “THE GASP I GUSPED.”

Comments on Rachel's TikTok
Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/TikTok

While the TikTok was enough to send Bachelor Nation in a spiral, Clayton and Michelle also shared more content over on their Instagram Stories.

Clayton shared a video that revealed the group hangout session between him, Rachel, Michelle, former Bachelor alums Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, along with Blake’s girlfriend and Love is Blind star, Giannina Gibelli.

Clayton's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

While they didn’t necessarily say what they were up to, it was surely an interesting mix of reality TV stars — especially since Blake and Caelynn had drama of their own during their time together on Bachelor in Paradise, which they have seemingly been able to put aside as well.

Michelle also shared a few recent snaps of her, Clayton, and Rachel as they spent some time together at a golfing event. The three seemed happy as ever as they smiled for the camera and even asked fans, “Guess what we are cheesin’ at?”

Michelle Young's Instagram
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Rachel slams Clayton Echard for lack of empathy on The Bachelor

Last season, Clayton memorably convinced Rachel to stay after a heartbreaking rose ceremony, only to reveal that he still had feelings for former contestant Susie Evans.

After leading her on, Rachel unleashed her feelings onto Clayton, telling him that his decision to let her go would “haunt him.”

The breakup clearly had Rachel visibly distraught, and during the season’s After the Final Rose, she explained to Clayton how selfish he had been through his entire journey as Bachelor.

“There was no empathy at all for me or Gabby. But, you not shedding a single tear, and watching myself, I just can’t even imagine how you could do that and I just think it’s so disrespectful,” she said.

Rachel’s heartbreak definitely had fans believing the two had completely cut ties after filming the show. However, seeing that they are potentially on the mend, it seems as if Rachel has since been able to bury the hatchet.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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