Down to last four as Rachel meets the parents on The Bachelorette

Rachel and Erik hug on a basketball court on The Bachelorette
Rachel goes to the remaining four suitor’s hometowns on The Bachelorette

This week on The Bachelorette, Rachel heads back to the United States and goes on some traditional hometown dates with the remaining four.

After weeks of globetrotting Rachel is headed back to the U.S. where she and the remaining four suitors are getting to know each other and their family a bit better.

She heads to each of their hometowns, where they go on some traditional dates and gets to meet their families.

We all know meeting the parents can be a nervous experience and usually happens when a relationship is starting to get a little bit more serious.

But how does it work when the parents know you’ve got three other men on the boil as well? Will the parents try to get on Rachel’s good side for the sake of their sons or will they be less than impressed at the whole setup?

Worrying for all the men Rachel also seems to be falling in love with all of them. She might be able to make up her mind but we reckon there is a good chance she will just end up not seeing any of them.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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