Rachel Lindsay says several people of color have removed themselves from The Bachelorette franchise, says production has begun

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay reveals that several people have distanced themselves from The Bachelor franchise. Pic credit: ABC

The former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is speaking out about how people’s perceptions are changing regarding the Bachelor franchise.

As it turns out, people of color are not seeing the changes they wish for within the franchise.

They are choosing to distance themselves from the show, as rumors swirl that Katie Thurston — a Caucasian woman — has been chosen for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

For years, people of color have been begging for a chance in the franchise. Over the summer, Tayshia Adams was given the lead after Clare Crawley.

In almost two decades, she was only the second woman of color to lead The Bachelorette. Rachel was the first.

Rachel Lindsay reveals people who want change are distancing themselves from The Bachelor

Rachel spoke out on the Bachelor Party podcast this week, sharing that people she knows are starting to distance themselves from the franchise.

People who want change are not standing with the franchise. And Rachel doesn’t understand how anyone could accept a role on the show if they want that change within the franchise.

“Anybody that’s standing up for change, I don’t understand how you could be a part of this current season. As we have seen in this current episode, there is still so much work to be done,” Rachel explained on the podcast.

“I don’t want my name to be affiliated. I have heard that there are several people of color who have removed themselves from the show, that were a part of casting for this current season.”

Right now, Rachel has her Bachelor-related podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, with Becca Kufrin. Rachel recently revealed that she was considering cutting all ties with the franchise once her contract expires.

Rachel Lindsay reveals that the show isn’t standing still

For many people who were hurt by Chris Harrison’s statements and the franchise’s handling of diversity issues, the best thing would be to take a break from the show.

But that’s not happening. Rachel has revealed that The Bachelorette is moving ahead right now.

“They’re already there, like, at least they’re quarantining for it. There’s no pause on it,” Rachel explained on the podcast about the upcoming Bachelorette production.

“All people of color were affected by the very words that he said. Yes, he’s apologized. Yes, I accepted it, but still, we didn’t forget what was done of a person who has been with the franchise from the beginning.

“So, of course, people don’t want to be a part of it — people who don’t feel included don’t want to be a part of it.”

Rachel deactivated her Instagram account after facing criticism for the way she supposedly caused Chris to step down. Rachel recently returned to Instagram after Bachelor producers said the way people treated her online was wrong.

She has revealed she has accepted Chris’s apology from his Good Morning America interview, but she’s also explained that she wants to see a change in the franchise.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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