Rachel Lindsay reveals she was disturbed by Matt James’ conversation with his father on The Bachelor

Rachel Lindsay
Former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay claimed the “lack of diversity” in casting the reality dating show led to the series first Black leads choosing non-Black partners. Pic credit: ABC

The former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay watched the show on Monday night when Matt James had a talk with his father.

Matt revealed that his father’s absence and his mother’s sadness in regard to his father’s cheating had affected him.

He struggled in his personal relationships and he ended up having a conversation with his father for all to see. It was a conversation that was supposed to give him all the clarity he needed.

But for Rachel, this was problematic.

Rachel Lindsay says she was disturbed by The Bachelor

In fact, she revealed that she was disturbed to see this conversation play out on the show.

She opened up about her feelings on the Bachelor Party podcast this week, revealing that she felt a need to speak out about what she saw.

“I felt it in my soul and I had to speak out, because I am so disturbed at what I just watched take place on The Bachelor stage — the conversation between Matt and his father,” Rachel explained.

“What’s the one thing we know about [Matt’s] dad? That he wasn’t around. That’s all we know which, if you know anything about stereotypes that are assigned to particular races — here, the Black race — you know that absentee fathers is a stereotype.”

Rachel also shared that viewers knew that Matt had not been able to open up in his relationships because of his troublesome relationship with his father. He admitted during Monday’s episode that he still had hurdles he had to overcome and he needed to have this conversation to move on with his Bachelor experience.

But Rachel isn’t buying it.

“If the Bachelor franchise has shown us anything, it is that they don’t know to protect people of color, they only know how to exploit them,” Rachel pointed out.

“They only know how to mishandle situations when they come to race. That is what they’ve shown us time and time again. This should have never been aired for America to see — and for people who will say that we’re exaggerating or making a bigger deal of this, this is one of those times where you should just sit and listen to what people who have been stereotyped in this way have to say.”

Rachel Lindsay has been a big part of the Bachelor franchise lately

It’s no secret that Rachel has been a big part of the Bachelor franchise lately. She’s been vocal about everything she’s seen both good and bad.

Rachel’s outspoken personality resulted in her getting bullied on her Instagram account. She deactivated her account and stepped away from the platform. Rachel recently returned to Instagram, revealing she was ready to shine through the dark times.

She has also revealed she has accepted Chris’ apology from his Good Morning America interview, but that she’s still looking for action within the franchise.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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