Rachel Lindsay meets Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt’s baby

Rachel Lindsay smiles
Rachel Lindsey is all-smiles as she holds new Bachelor Nation baby. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Lindsay had a chance to meet and hold Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt’s baby, August, and it’s clear Lindsay was smitten by the adorable baby boy. 

Astrid captured the moment Rachel held and fawned over her son August and declared Rachel as August’s ‘aunt.’

Rachel Lindsay becomes ‘Auntie Big Rach’ 

Astrid Loch and Rachel Lindsay met up and shared a precious moment as Rachel held baby August. 

In the clip, Rachel gushes about August as he calmly looks at her, and Astrid beams beside them. 

Astrid captioned the video, “meeting auntie big rich.” 

Rachel Lindsay holds a baby
Pic credit: @astridloch/Instagram

Astrid Loch opens up about her IVF journey 

August is a special miracle for Astrid and Kevin, who met and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 before welcoming the baby boy.

Astrid has been vocal about her IVF journey and struggles with pregnancy. 

In a past post expressing her gratitude, Astrid shared a precious photo of her son sleeping while wrapped in a blanket and beanie. 

Astrid wrote, “Thankful is an understatement. This time last year I was just getting done recovering from my ectopic pregnancy. It had been exactly 6 weeks since I had taken methotrexate and we were anxiously awaiting my next cycle so we could start the process of IVF.”

Astrid’s caption continued on, stating, “Today we get to celebrate our first Thanksgiving with our Auggy boy and I can’t help but think about all of the couples struggling to grow a family of their own.” 

Astrid proceeded to acknowledge the privileges that allowed her to afford IVF and her passion for causes and organizations that help families who also want to experience the ‘bliss’ of having children. 

Astrid wrote, “We were fortunate enough to be able to afford the high costs of IVF treatments but many couples struggling with fertility don’t have that same privilege. I’ve highlighted a few organizations in my stories and would love it if you would consider donating so maybe this time next year another family can experience this kind of bliss.” 

Since giving birth to August, Astrid has shared plenty of sweet photos of her son as he grows. 

Most recently, Astrid and Kevin took August to his first football game, and it just so happened to be the biggest game of the year – the Super Bowl. According to Astrid’s caption, August slept through most of the eventful game. 

As time goes on, hopefully, Astrid will share even more photos of August with his Auntie Rachel Lindsay. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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