Rachel Gordillo and Myrla Feria post about red flags and green flags in relationships

Rachel Gordillo
Rachel Gordillo and Myrla Feria share a list of red and green relationship flags. Pic credit: Lifetime

Rachel Gordillo and Myrla Feria have been enjoying life post-divorce after appearing on Married at First Sight Season 13. 

While best friends Rachel and Myrla didn’t leave the show with a long-lasting husband, they did seem to learn more about what they do and don’t want in their next relationship.

Myrla recently shared a series of relational red flags, while Rachel went in the other direction and shared a list of relational green flags and the importance of looking for positive signs in relationships. 

Myrla Feria shares a list of relationship red flags 

Myrla Feria has often used her Instagram stories as a way to communicate her thoughts, life mantras, and quotes/lists that resonate with her. 

Recently, Myrla took to her Instagram story to share a list of ‘relationship red flags’ by Sara Kubric. 

Myrla’ appeared to agree with the compiled list, which featured a total of 13 red flags. 

Some of the red flags on the list included “they use your past against you,” “they expect to take more than they give,” “they don’t take responsibility for their words or actions,” “they are not open to receiving feedback,” “they only talk about themselves,” “they don’t feel emotionally or physically safe,” “they have a different goal for the relationship” and more. 

Myrla Feria
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Rachel Gordillo shares a list of relationship green flags 

Interestingly, Myrla’s close friend and fellow Married at First Sight Season 13 costar Rachel Gordillo chose to highlight green flags in relationships, meaning positive attributes to look for in others. 

Using a similar post from Sara Kubric, some of the green flags Rachel shared included, “they apologize when they are wrong,” “they encourage your connections with others (friends, family),” “they make you feel seen, heard, and appreciated,” “they speak about their ex-partners with respect,” “they show up authentically and offer you space to do the same,” and more. 

Rachel added text to her post, writing, “Sometimes we get so fixated on the red flags we forget to look for the good. This list is ??”

Rachel Gordillo Instagram story
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Married at First Sight viewers certainly witnessed a fair share of red flags within the couples during Married at First Sight Season 13. 

With so much drama and tension between the MAFS Season 13 pairs, not a single couple remained married long-term. 

While Rachel and Myrla don’t appear to be publicly hopping into new romantic relationships just yet, they are both staying aware of red and green flags in relationships. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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