Rachel Gordillo adds new pencils to her collection after ex Jose shaded her 

Rachel Gordillo
MAFS star Rachel Gordillo shows off pencils in a recent post. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram 

Rachel Gordillo married Jose San Miguel Jr. on Married at First Sight Season 13 but ended up getting divorced. 

Many factors played a part in the demise of Rachel and Jose’s wedding, with one issue being Jose’s controlling nature as he seemingly even tried to dictate how many pencils Rachel had. 

Recently, Rachel appeared to poke fun at the pencil controversy as she added to her collection. 

Rachel Gordillo shares photo with her pencils 

Rachel Gordillo took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of the pencils she’d be adding to her pile. 

The pencils featured several different styles, with some looking more traditional and others having more color and character. 

Rachel wrote over the photo, “In happier news…Adding pencils!!” 

Rachel Gordillo's Instagram story
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Married at First Sight viewers will recall when Rachel and Jose took tours of one another’s homes, Jose had several critiques of Rachel’s space. 

Jose prided himself on how he managed and practiced upkeep in his home, and as he toured Rachel’s place, he seemed to feel her home standards weren’t quite up to par. 

When Jose saw Rachel’s pencils, he suggested that she didn’t need so many even though Rachel expressed they make her happy. 

Viewers had much to say about Jose’s pencil critique, feeling it reflected his controlling nature. 

With Rachel and Jose going their separate ways after being on and off, Rachel can now add pencils to her collection peacefully and without scrutiny. 

Rachel and Jose tried to make their marriage work before divorcing 

Rachel was matched with Jose during the Houston season, and the two hit it off immediately on their wedding day.

The couple appeared to be in a honeymoon phase at the start of their marriage. However, their relationship turned bad after Jose went off on Rachel for calling her by another man’s name. It later was revealed that Rachel had accidentally called Jose Johnny, the name of another castmate, Johnny Lam. 

After their first major argument, Jose and Rachel nearly called it quits, but instead, they agreed to stay married after Decision Day.

Rachel and Jose tried to make their marriage work away from cameras and even shared they had rekindled at their MAFS reunion. Ultimately the two chose to divorce as all five couples from MAFS Season 13 split up. 

Married at First Sight premieres Monday, July 6, on Lifetime.

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