Rachael Kirkconnell bares her whole backside in thong bikini with Matt James shirtless

Rachael Kirkconnell
Rachael Kirkconnell shows off her whole backside in a bikini. Pic credit: ABC

It seems as if Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have never come out of the spotlight since his season of The Bachelor.

From her racially insensitive controversy while the show aired, to their reconciliation, to their social media influence, to their traveling and body-baring photos, the couple is always all over the internet.

As the two love to banter back and forth, play jokes on one another, and take photos and make videos together of their playful personalities and travel, they have taken social media by storm.

Most recently, the duo has gone to The Baths, Devils Bay Virgin Gorda, BVI, to relax and enjoy some time together.

The Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James bare all in photos

Matt posted four photos of the twosome while on vacation, and the first two really caught viewers’ eyes. In the first photo, Matt posted a picture of himself with his arm around Rachael, as they looked at each other about to kiss.

He captioned the post with, “Eyes open or closed? (lips emoji),” inquiring on whether people typically kiss their significant other with their eyes opened or closed.

In the photo, Rachael can be seen wearing a tiny, gold/tan bikini that crisscrossed above the belly button, and Matt wore short swim trunks and no shirt which accentuated his washboard abs.

The second photo stopped fans in their tracks, as Matt had lifted Rachael and held her like a baby. But what was the show stopper was the fact that Rachael had on a thong bikini, so her entire backside was bare and very visible.

They both looked at the camera while standing in some water in a cave, smiling hugely.

The third picture showed more of the cave in which they were in, as other people waded through the rocks and water.

Finally, his fourth photo was of the duo laying out on the beach, catching the sun’s rays and looking out into the ocean from the sand. He also held a refreshing pina colada in his hand as he enjoyed their time together.

Fans comment on Matt James’s post

Rachael commented back on her boyfriend’s caption and claimed, “Definitely open,” when talking about how your eyes should be when you kiss someone.

Others wrote fire flame emojis and said, “this is great!!!” and “Always adorable you 2.”

Another stated to Matt, “Damn bro stop flexin (laughing/crying face emoji),” while another commented on his drink at the bach and said, “Painkillers yasssss.”

Viewers comment on Rachael and Matt's vacation and looks.
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

It looks like Matt and Rachael have been enjoying their vacation and each other’s company during their time at The Baths, and fans have enjoyed their swimwear — or lack thereof.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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