Quincey Williams writes heartfelt message to Gabby Windey after elimination 

Quincey Williams
Quincey Williams pursued Gabby Windey on The Bachelorette Season 19. Pic credit: @officialquincey/Instagram

Quincey Williams was one of the men eliminated on the latest episode of The Bachelorette. 

Quincey had a lot of charisma shown in his brief time on the show, but fans didn’t fully get to know him before his journey ended. 

As a member of Gabby Windey’s group, Quincey and Gabby couldn’t strike up substantial chemistry, so she sent him home to pursue her stronger connections. 

Despite being sent home by Gabby, Quincey had nothing but kind words to say about the Bachelorette lead. 

Quincy made a post dedicated to Gabby after his elimination. 

Along with thanking Gabby for the experience, he also warmly wished her well on her journey to find love. 

Quincy Williams is a class act after The Bachelorette elimination 

Quincey took to Instagram to share several photos from his time with Gabby Windey on The Bachelorette.

In his caption, Quincey tagged Gabby and dedicated his message to her.

Quincey wrote, “@gabby.windey This experience you gave me was by far the most unreal moment. You allowed me to be myself at all times & never judged me for that. And although tough decisions were made every Rose Ceremony, I believe in your judgement throughout this journey.”

Quincey concluded the post, writing, “Thank you again?? I hope that you find love at the end of this ❤️#bachelorette #hulu #abc.” 

Followers of Quincey reacted to the post with respect and sadness that his journey had ended. 

A commenter expressed, ‘you were one of the only guys I liked :(.”

Another follower shared, “I was so mad when she didn’t call your name.” 

One commenter praised Quincey’s classy post and character writing, “Complete gentleman.” 

Other comments included, “That’s my boy,” and “U were the funniest contestant on that show.” 

Quincey Williams' comments
Pic credit: @officialquincey/Instagram

Four men eliminated on the latest episode of The Bachelorette

Gabby and Rachel’s latest rose ceremony saw three men get eliminated, including Quincey Jones, and one man was sent packing before the rose ceremony.

Gabby eliminated Kirk Bryant during the rose ceremony, and Rachel sent Jordan Helman home. 

Before the rose ceremony, Rachel also had a tense confrontation with Hayden Markowitz after Meatball made her aware of Hayden’s rude remarks. 

Hayden had told the men in the house he doesn’t trust “these b****es,” referring to Rachel and Gabby. He also had been comparing the Bachelorette leads to his ex, who he believed was prettier. This all was on top of Hayden hurting Gabby earlier by calling her “rough around the edges.”

Rachel had enough of Hayden’s behavior and sent him packing before the rose ceremony began. 

Time will tell if Quincey or any of the men eliminated this week will show up on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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