Quincey Williams celebrates his birthday, says he’s ‘tired of eating alone’ 

Quincey Williams
Quincey Williams shares birthday photos and messages on his special day. Pic credit: @officialquincey/Instagram

Quincey Williams, who appeared on The Bachelorette Season 19 to pursue Gabby Windey, celebrated his birthday with photos of his trip to Panama.

During the week four rose ceremony, Gabby chose to send Quincey home. 

Shortly after his televised elimination, Quincey celebrated his birthday. 

Quincey appeared in good spirits as he enjoyed his special day and thanked God for another year of life. 

After writing a classy message to Gabby post-elimination, Quincey remains eager to find love and partnership.

The Bachelorette Season 19 star also admitted to being tired of eating alone. 

Quincey Williams feels blessed on his birthday 

Quincey Williams took to his Instagram Stories to commemorate his birthday with pictures from Panama. 

In a photo, Quincey looked vacation-ready, wearing a breezy blue shirt that bared his chest and matching shorts. Quincey completed the look with sneakers and black sunglasses. 

Quincey wrote over the photo, “Bless to see another year, I’m proud of what happen in a year for me, God thank you.” 

Quincey Williams' Instagram story
Pic credit: @officialquincey/Instagram

Quincey shared several more night-time Panama photos on his Instagram page. 

The photo in the second slide saw Quincey removing his glasses as he looked off to the side with a pool in the background.

Quincey was all smiles in the third photo as he lifted up his open shirt to reveal his chest, abs, and tattoos. 

The final photo in the slide featured Quincey sprawled out on the floor with his torso visible as he put up two peace signs. 

Quincey wrote in all-caps in his caption that referenced Bee Gees’ song Stayin’ Alive. The caption read, “AHH AAHH AAHH STAYIN ALIVE…” 

Reiterating feeling blessed, Quincey added, “BLESSED TO SEE ANOTHER YEAR.” 

Quincey Williams enjoys popular seafood dish for first time 

Quincey also made a post documenting himself having a first-time experience.

Wearing his floral blue top, Quincey held a glass of wine as he looked down at a sushi plate in the opening shot. 

Photos throughout the post saw Quincey using chopsticks while eating the sushi as he revealed the meal was all new to him.

Quincey also revealed something he’s become tired of. 

Quincey captioned the post, “Tired of eating alone in different locations… first time eating sushi.” 

During his brief time on The Bachelorette, Quincey seemed well-liked by the men in the house and the viewers.

Quincey made an even better impression after his elimination when he classily expressed gratitude and well wishes for Gabby Windey like a true gentleman. 

Time will tell if Quincey’s quest for love brings him to Bachelor in Paradise in the future.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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