Pump Rules: Scheana Shay proves Summer Moon is her mini-me with throwback photo

VPR star Scheana Shay.
Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay proved that daughter Summer Moon is practically her twin. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay proves that her daughter Summer Moon is practically her twin with a throwback photo.

The little one, who will celebrate her first birthday in April, has garnered plenty of compliments since making her social media debut last year. However, it has consistently been debated as to whether Summer Moon more resembles her mom, Scheana, or her dad, Brock Davies.

She inherited both of her parents’ dark features, including her eyes and hair, but as for her adorable face, it’s always been a toss-up.

But with a recent post to social media, Scheana may have put an end to the debate by sharing a throwback photo of herself when she was just a tot.

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay shared throwback pic and proves Summer Moon is her twin

Over on her Instagram stories, Scheana threw it all the way back to the 80s with a picture of herself as a young child.

Scheana’s bright features are unmistakable in the snap as she smiled big for the camera. She wore a frilly pink dress and a white bow in her hair as her little hands held a fake pink rose.

“Throwback to 1988!” she captioned the post.

The photo also included a poll that asked her followers, “Do you think Summer looks like me?”

Pic credit: @Scheana/Instagram

The poll results were overwhelmingly in Scheana’s favor. There is no mistaking that Summer Moon looks just like her momma.

Summer Moon’s first birthday is just around the corner, Scheana and Brock continue to plan their wedding

With Summer Moon’s birthday just around the corner, Scheana recently shared another post to Instagram and gushed about how much her life has changed since welcoming her first child.

“This has been the best 10 months of my life!” she lovingly captioned the photo of herself holding Summer Moon up in the air.

Scheana also shared a comparison photo showing just how much Summer Moon has grown.

In the first snap, Scheana showed off her growing baby bump, and in the second, she held Summer Moon against her chest.

Showing the vast difference, Scheana captioned the post, “40 weeks in… 40 weeks out.”

While there’s little doubt that Scheana and Brock are already planning on how they will celebrate Summer Moon’s birthday, they’ve also got plenty on the go while they plan their wedding at the same time.

According to Scheana, they are flexible in terms of a date. And while she’s looking forward to the wedding, she’s more excited to be able to start the process of changing her name.

“I wanna marry him because I love him, but one of the main reasons I wanna do it as soon as possible is just to get the process going,” Scheana shared. “I definitely want to have the same last name as my future husband and my daughter. And I realized that Summer and I will have the same initials, which is pretty.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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