Pump Rules: Raquel Leviss admits to ‘mentally preparing’ for filming with ex James Kennedy

VPR star Raquel Leviss.
Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss talks filming new season with ex James Kennedy. Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

Raquel Leviss has been open about the stress of having to film a new season of Vanderpump Rules with her ex-fiance James Kennedy.

The majority of Season 9 watched the former couple prepare for their wedding following James’ elaborate proposal in the premiere episode. All seemed to be on track by the end of the season.

However, as viewers now know, by the time the reunion rolled around James and Raquel shocked their co-stars by announcing their decision to split. During the taping, Raquel also returned her engagement ring to James.

In the weeks following their split, fans learned that Raquel was scared to simply up and leave the DJ due to his volatile temper and had made an exit plan with her family if their breakup went south.

Thankfully, James and Raquel were able to end their relationship as amicably as possible and James began a new relationship with current girlfriend, Ally Lewber, less than a month later.

After admitting that she was “nervous” to begin filming Vanderpump Rules Season 10 alongside James for fear that it would be awkward, Raquel recently dished that she was able to mentally prepare for the new season and revealed how they’re coping as exes.

Raquel Leviss says she’s ‘cordial’ with Pump Rules co-star ex James Kennedy

While speaking with E! News at the grand opening for Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s new Schwartz & Sandy’s lounge, Raquel opened up about what filming the new season has been like for her.

“We’re being cordial,” Raquel shared about filming with James. “I haven’t seen James since we broke up basically. So last week was a new kind of situation to be in. But so far so good. I think we just want the best for each other and supporting each other in that way.”

The beauty pageant contestant also admitted she spent a good portion of time “mentally preparing” for the season and anticipating their first interaction since their split.

“I saw him at SUR for the first time so I was working and just trying to stay focused on my tables and not think too much about him, because why work yourself up like that?” she added.

Raquel dishes on close bond with Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Sandoval, admires his ‘confidence’

Raquel may have anticipated having to film with James and felt the need to prepare herself for their interactions, however, what she didn’t seem to expect was her budding friendship with co-star Tom Sandoval.

According to Raquel, the two have become quite close and she’s found herself admiring his self-confidence, which is something she’s been working on since her split from James.

“I feel like he’s become one of my best friends lately,” Raquel gushed. “He just is so in touch with himself and fully accepting of who he is and so confident. I feel like he looks at me like a little sister and is supporting me in such a kind way. He’s a really great guy.”

With Season 10 finally underway, Raquel also dished that fans can expect plenty of drama in the upcoming season.

“I’m just going with the flow and trying to have fun,” she confessed. “It’s a new vibe for me and I’m finding my independence.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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