Pump Rules: Katie Maloney reveals she was ‘going through motions’ in marriage prior to divorce

VPR star Katie Maloney.
Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney reveals she was going through the motions regarding her marriage to Tom Schwartz. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney recently opened up about her separation and divorce from her husband, Tom Schwartz. In her newest revelations, Katie shared that she wasn’t as engaged in her marriage as she once was a long time ago.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Katie and Tom announced they were ending their 12-year relationship in separate posts on Instagram. At the time, Tom revealed the pain was fresh, and although he wasn’t ready to use the “D” word when he posted the announcement, it was just days later when news broke that Katie had officially filed for divorce.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Katie got real about her feelings leading up to her split from Tom and admitted that although their split was “sad,” Katie said she ultimately felt another emotion — relief.

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney reveals she was relieved to end her marriage to Tom

On the April 1 episode of her, You’re Gonna Love Me podcast, Katie shared that she was relieved by the end of her relationship because it had gotten to the point where she was simply “going through motions.”

“As sad and emotional [as the breakup was] I did really feel a sense of relief because I was feeling kind of bogged down. I felt like I was just going through motions,” Katie confessed. “To feel that I finally said the things that were on my mind and in my heart, to get them finally out there, and to feel like I can finally move on and heal from these things was freeing to me.”

Katie continued to admit that walking away from her marriage, especially after over a decade together, was the “hardest thing” she has ever done because she “will always love Tom.”

She continued, “I am always going to have so much love for him. He has been my family and my best friend, and we have shared everything. I wanted to be with him forever, but I felt like I was the only one in it.”

Katie says she wrote a ‘pros and cons list’ about her marriage to help make decision

According to Katie, if you’re in a relationship where you feel that you are the only person making an effort, it may help to write out a list of the benefits and disadvantages of your relationship.

“If you are in that position, write a pros and cons list,” she suggested.

Despite the raw emotions surrounding their divorce, Katie revealed she’s also hopeful that she and Tom can keep their friendship intact despite their split.

“I know a lot of times when people go through divorces or breakups. It is really ugly. I feel really fortunate that [ours] is not,” she said.

Katie shared that she believes she can remain on good terms with Tom even if they’re no longer romantic.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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