Pump Rules: Jax Taylor reveals his plans to move with wife Brittany Cartwright and son Cruz

Former VPR star Jax Taylor.
Jax Taylor detailed his plans to move out of California with his wife Brittany Cartwright and their son Cruz. Pic credit: ©

Former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor still has an out-of-state move on his mind, although he isn’t quite sure when it will happen. Jax, his wife Brittany Cartwright, and their son Cruz often make their way out of California, trading the west coast for Brittany’s home state of Kentucky where they visit with her family.

In recent months, Jax has confirmed that he would like to see his little family of three move out of California in search of a simpler life. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Jax divulged that they would be moving to Clearwater, Florida during a cameo video sent to a fan. Jax seemed fairly certain in the video that this move was going to happen in the near future.

However, it seems those plans may have fallen through — or were simply a dream — since he hasn’t mentioned a Florida move again until his last Q&A on social media.

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Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor details desire to move out of California

Over on his Instagram Stories, Jax opened his DMs to fans and followers allowing them to ask him various questions. Among the sea of questions, several followers questioned what Jax’s plans were and whether or not he would choose to stay in California.

One follower questioned, “When are you leaving [California]?”

Jax kept his response short but confirmed that if the move doesn’t happen shortly, it will certainly happen in the future.

“No date yet but it’s gonna happen one day,” he wrote.

Another follower changed direction with their question and asked Jax, “Favourite place in the US you’ve been to???”

In response, Jax confirmed that his favorite state was Florida.

“Florida is my favorite place ever,” he commented. “Just love the smell of the mangroves, the ocean. The soft white sand. I like humidity too. Doesn’t bother me.”

Screenshot from Jax Taylor's IG.
Pic credit: @mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

Jax talks moving back to the midwest

Although Jax didn’t confirm a time frame for his move, he did reveal that he hasn’t completely closed the book on the idea of moving back to the midwest.

When another follower told Jax he should live in Kentucky, Jax shared, “It’s so beautiful here. And I love all the family and friends I have met in the last 7 years.”

Jax further confirmed his willingness to move away from California when another user inquired, “Are you moving out of LA since it has become dangerous?”

“[My] wife and I are from the Midwest [and] we just want our kids to grow up how we did. We [both had] amazing childhoods,” he wrote.

Screenshot from Jax Taylor's IG.
Pic credit: @mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

Time will tell if Jax will make good on his desire to move out of California and begin building a life with Brittany and Cruz in another state.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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