Pump Rules: Critics call Scheana Shay’s face in recent video ‘scary’

VPR star Scheana Shay.
Critics wonder if Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay has had more cosmetic procedures done. Pic credit: ©

The Vanderpump Rules cast is no stranger to the world of cosmetic procedures. Over the years, cast members, including Scheana Shay and Lala Kent, have been relatively transparent about their ventures into Botox and fillers. However, a recent video has some calling Scheana’s face “scary” and noting she looks very different at this point in time than she did in the first season of the hit Bravo show.

Longtime Pump Rules fans will recall the Season 7 reunion when Andy Cohen disagreed with Scheana’s claims that Botox made people look younger and instead countered that he believed it actually made people look much older.

In a recent post to Reddit, Scheana shared one of her usual sponsored posts. A follower happened to capture and screen record the video and posted it to Reddit, pointing out how different Scheana’s face looked.

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Critics call out Scheana Shay for ‘insane’ facial features in recent video to social media

The original video, posted to Scheana’s Instagram Stories, shows the mom of one standing in her bathroom to film her latest sponsored post.

However, the poster couldn’t focus on whatever product it was Scheana was pushing because they were too distracted by her face.

“Scheana’s mouth looks insane. I know basically everyone in the cast has had work done but she looks really, really different than [Season 1],” they captioned the post.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for other critics to come into the post’s comment section and weigh in with their own opinions on Scheana’s features.

Some call Scheana’s features ‘scary’ while others hope it is just a filter

While Reddit users analyzed the video, it was clear many felt something about Scheana’s face was significantly different, and some even felt it was “scary.”

“Honest to God, she looks SCARY to me!!!” one user wrote. “Her face looks sucked in like the alien emoji. Her eyes look humongous for her face now, her lips and teeth are huge and fake. Her expressions are stiff.”

Screenshot about Scheana Shay.
Pic credit: u/banananuttmuff/Reddit

Another shared, “Oh man. It’s that point where you know they’ve lost touch with what normal humans look like and just need to match the other LA globs.”

Screenshot about Scheana Shay.
Pic credit: u/Jennybo77/Reddit

Other users expressed their hope that the effect on Scheana’s video was due to a filter and not associated with cosmetic procedures.

“I sincerely hope this is a filter,” they commented.

Screenshot about Scheana Shay.
Pic credit: u/Cheyenne_Divine _99/Reddit

And yet another commenter weighed in with empathy for the pressure put on celebrities like Scheana and wondered if all the work was possibly due to low self-esteem and not being “comfortable” with herself.

Screenshot about Scheana Shay.
Pic credit: u/Smartalec821/Reddit

“Yeah yikes, she really went overboard on those lip injections,” they wrote. “Poor [Scheana], I wish she thought better of herself and felt more comfortable. She’s getting into like the uncanny valley.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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